In The Wasted Half

You know,  I’m not going to just mention it to you if your stated goal states to me that you’re either very ignorant about social media or something of an asshole.    Today I heard someone state they were trying to create a pinterest board of “socially interesting people”.      I thought for the briefest of moments of pointing out that there is a huge difference between say “people interested in social networking”  and  “people I personally find socially interesting”  and that the title chosen for the pinterest board does not make it very clear whom the guy is targeting.   I said nothing, however,  because the guy is not my client and if you are not paying me to show you the way,  I’m not much inclined to point out your obvious flaws free of charge,   lest I slip up and act like an asshole again.  (I fear my good friend is correct when he tells me that sometimes I do come across that way.)

My friends are people who are interesting to me,  either because of the quality of their conversation and/or because we share experiences or interests– such as in certain hobbies, professions,  lines of thought or endeavor, etc.     Then there are acquaintances whom I may share some interests with and who may some day become friends or may some day drop out of my acquaintanceship.    That’s just life.  ,A conversation with a couple of friends about Facebook advertising brought home to me not how targeted the ads on Facebook are  (duh,  I knew that) but how hit or miss that targeting is to an advertiser.   I do sometimes write tips and advice for bloggers and about using social networking to promote a blog.    But honestly,  I am so not in the market for any of the get rich quick schemes targeted at uniformed new bloggers who all paid to advertise to me on Facebook today.     I remember once being very taken by an ad for a cruise line,  advertising a luxury voyage to some exotic destination (which I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford to visit).    I clicked the ad several times and spent hours pouring over info for an exotic trip I was never really in the market for.

I’m reminded again of what Philadelphia department store magnate John Wannamaker famously said about advertising.   “…half of it is wasted.   The only trouble is we don’t know which half.”


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