Are They Boring Or Just Not Admitting To Their Aliases?

I sometimes find myself thinking that we each and every one of us on this merrily spinning ball are conducted our very own circus with the people around us in our lives.     It’s as useful a notion as any for a frameword through which to view and talk about life.    It’s been a busy weekend for my pseudonym that lives and writes about things I never ever talk about on this blog or publicly under this name.   I feel a tiny bit guilty about neglecting this blog and all of my friends in all of my networks.   Though like a kid playing hooky it does feel kind of wonderful to slip into and live under my pseudonym for a few hours at a time and to repeat the trick again and again.      If I were just a teensy bit more pompous I’d no doubt have been a terrible actor who believed to his dying day that he was a great Shakespearean.    I feel blessed in having long ago realized that writing is what I do best.     I will never claim that I write as well as any of the great writers I am forever reading.    But I write as well as I can and leave it for my readers to judge how compelling my stories,  how well I hold your attention, how much I make you think.

So my apologies for neglecting you while my pseudonym has been having a good time and keeping me away from the computer  🙂   One of the most difficult things to do well in writing is to change the subject and seamlessly blend three discrete topics in three discrete paragraphs into a single flowing blog post that grabs and engages your readers and shares a little bit of useful information,  a bit of good humor and perhaps causes some readers to think a new thought or two.      I’ve come to realize that the three hundered word three-fer is a rather distinct art form.      And I honestly feel guilty on a day like today,  where I will top out right around 350 words,   without having said much of anything at all other than I’ve been busy under another name.    I find it so strange when I hear all of these people talk about using only one name ever online.   And I have to think that some parts of their lives must be inescapably dull if they share every bit of it with all of their Facebook friends.


14 comments on “Are They Boring Or Just Not Admitting To Their Aliases?

  1. I have to admit that I’m a bit envious because I’ve often thought of creating an alternate online persona. There is an impish part of me that would love to troll people to the point of tears (and honestly force them to challenge some of their conventional thoughts). I’ve said that I’m not officially an ordained minister, but because of the way Life has gone, I’ve found myself in that role. Unfortunately, living a double life in ministry tends to end badly which means it’s not really a luxury I can afford. It’s a bummer, too, because I could see it being a fun, creative outlet.

    • Jake, I realize that a minister has to think through the morality of using an assumed name rather more than perhaps most people would. However, having grown up at a time when my sex life was always something I _had_ to lie about, it seems perfectly natural to me that I use a different name when I’m having sex. I also think that writers have long understood the value of a nom d’plume and I don’t expect there will be much criticism or controversy from “coming out” about having a nom d’plume that I don’t share 🙂

      • Absolutely. Given the liberty, I think it’s only natural for a writer to use a pseudonym or several. It’s a great way to focus your work towards a specific audience. I wish that you weren’t forced to lie about your sex life back in the day, but even now, it seems only natural that you would want to separate those audiences. It’s not a matter of lying. It’s a matter of choosing what you want to share & how you want to share it.

        As for me, I wish I did have the liberty, but I feel the sacrifice is worth it. 🙂

  2. Well, one man’s dull is another man’s peace…but there’s another possibility. Perhaps those of us who only use one name online simply don’t bring all aspects of our life into cyberspace.

    • perhaps. I think I spend more of my real life online than most people. (I’m deaf. This is where I can talk to people and shine. But I would never share what I will refer to here in passing as my “dating” life with any of my wallet name readers. (tries to blush but can’t quite pull it off)

  3. I have no aliases, I am who I am… and to some extent my life has become more interesting because I get off my butt to do things I can share on Facebook. Otherwise I wouldn’t need anything more than Foursquare, so every morning I could check into the sofa or the desk at work, and every night check into bed.

    • I did check into my home office several times when I was experimenting with 4Square but since my Android tablet is just not powerful enough to load the check in app, I don’t really use 4Square at all.

  4. As fun as it sounds I have a hard enough time keeping track of reality. Most of the people I know who do have other personas use them for negativity instead of creativity.
    A pleasure to have read this post.

    • well, fwiw, I am having fun with mine and am not using it to multch or harm anyone, so I think it is just fine. (I do find myself wondering if anyone would care, should I get to some point where the other name is widely known among my circle for this name.)

  5. Yeah- that’s me Alan – boring – only one name to name them all – well almost. There are a few others – oldies – lurking around. I even gave up my name on skype in the early days only to have it snatched away on the same day never to come back to me. I’m almost in the mood to continue this which could easily go the distance 300 words and not say anything at all except …

    • mmmm. Tom, you’re right that time has a way of making old handles go away. I’m certainly not now the person I was when I was 20-something and signed up on a MUD with a handle I no longer use at all, but one which a reasonably astute observer could easily ascertain. I don’t really feel as though I am keeping anything a secret. I see it more as being discrete with parts of my life that require a bit more discretion. (And if your objective is a 300 word blog post, you’re about a third of the way.)

  6. I do have an alt persona, and I am working each day to be able to seperate the two, as in give the other one room to have its voice and be able to go on about my life as Sia. Its a growing battle. and one day the other will probably consume me wholly.

  7. There’s no vacation for social networking. Sometimes, I got bored or pressured. However, it’s very hard to come back to a rigorous schedule when I took a ‘tiny’ vacation. Guilty? No. After several experiments, I realize that I could seek a balanced ‘life’ between virtual and real world.

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