And A Happy Weekend To YOU!

Some days it seems to me,  you just have to go big.     Most days I invest in lots of newbies on Empire Avenue.    Then sometimes I sell off any who haven’t invested back in me.   Lather, rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat and eventually you will have lots of eaves rolling into your account at dividends time every day.    But then I take a look at a random recommendation from someone I don’t usually get stock tips from and bought 800 shares in someone with great divs whose share price will no doubt double over the next few weeks.It just seemed to be my day to go out and play.  Early this morning I went to visit one friend.  Then this afternoon,  I went and visited someone else.   A third visit early evening and then a fantastic visit late evening.   Spent time four great guys and whew,  I am beat after a long but really wonderful kind of day.      I hope this post finds it a great weekend in your world.     And I leave you this Saturday morning with an old track that just seemed fitting.

5 comments on “And A Happy Weekend To YOU!

  1. ‘Go out’ – what is this strange concept of which you speak? I wondered to begin with if this was some online encounter that I was yet to discover. But then light dawned. You mean ‘out’ as in explore the world outside your front door! A novel conceit. I am glad it was so fruitful and enjoyable, but you do know there be dragons out there, don’t you? I am very relieved that you seem to have returned to your base without difficulties. Who knows? I too might try this ‘out’ one of these days…

    • yes, I actually left my house a few times, for a couple of hour each time. I highly recommend it if you have been staying at home for a long period.

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