Why I Unliked Your Facebook Page

I know that most Facebook users do not yet realize that they have a hard. life time limit of 5,000 pages that they may like.   I have long believed that as more and more users start bumping up against these limits,  page owners will see lots and lots of folks  UN-liking pages they had only  “liked”  as a very small favor,  back when they were under the perception that Likes had no limit or value.    I found it very striking the other day when my friend Dillon posted something mentioning that he had just un-liked more than a hundred pages.    (Dillon is a very savvy social media user and definitely someone to follow and watch on Facebook.)   I commented to praise him on being so forthright about it and mentioned that I have been quietly unfollowing a number of pages lately myself.    Most of my recent unfollows however have actually been due to page owner mis-management.

Any time there are suddenly ten or more items in my stream,  all posted by the same logo and none of them earth-shatteringly interesting to me,  my first step is always to adjust my settings,  because this is definitely not what I want in my stream.    If it was a friend who posted all of this garbage in my stream,  I change my subscription settings.   I maybe subscribe to only important updates and unsubscribe from all the different kinds of updates.    And if it’s a page that spammed my stream,  I immediately Unlike the page to prevent further spamming.    In a way I (almost) feel sorry for the hapless page owner.   They find it hard to find time to update the page at all,   then finally they go in and post ten updates and boom ten people immediately unlike their page.     Now that Facebook has fully integrated the Buffer application into the post screen for both personal and business pages on Facebook,  there is absolutely no excuse for spamming your followers.   Set your buffer to update your page not too frequently and try hard to always keep it filled up with good an relevant content.   If you are trying to draw and interact with an educated and sophisticated audience,  you absolutely can not afford to come across like a spammer.


10 comments on “Why I Unliked Your Facebook Page

  1. Wow, that must be relevant to me. I just posted photo updates the other day testing the upload tool from my photo host. It actually came across as 10 separate uploads instead of one mention of 10 new photos. Its helpful to test these things out before making it a regular practice. Now I know how it works I’ll be able to add a better workflow. If this affected you, my apologies. If not, we need tea and cookies 🙂

    • /pours you a cup of tea and offers his best cookies. No, Nakeva, it was not your page that spammed me. It was a page I didn’t really remember liking to begin with, and the long string of posts just felt…..rude to me.

      • Glad it wasn’t my page, but your post did give me reason to think of how I do updates in the future. I know there are people that have tuned out. Facebook Pages are tricky work, LOL!

        Thanks for sharing tea and cookies. I’ll bake you a pie 🙂

  2. Spammy content is not welcome anywhere. Great and interesting content is always welcome. That hard 5000 Like limit is going to harm many good businesses as people who want to like it may have hit their Like ceiling; or conversely be unliked as a result of attempting to open up that same ceiling space.

    • Wayne, it seems to me that any company whose social media management is worth it’s Like button knows this is coming. I would love to hear some of the big names in social media talk about their advice and strategies for companies long term, in relationship to the 5000 Like limits.

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