Why Does Facebook Hate Me?

Okay.   So I know all of my friends will just be shocked that I am pissing and moaning about Facebook again.  But today my friend Susan and I seem to have encountered some kind of really nasty Facebook bug.    Susan told me that for some reason no entries at all appear on her Facebook page.    So I went to her page and sure enough.  The header and the comment box load,  but no entries load. If you click on any of the time links at the right (I clicked April),  older posts to the page will load,  but there is no way to see the current posts.    So about an hour later I had to reboot and logged in to find my own page behaving exactly the same way.

It appears that Empire Avenue is tinkering with the algorithms for the different networks.   I notice that my Facebook score has been going up, up, up every day while my WordPress.com score goes down every day.   It seems to me that my networking on these two sites has not changed,  which is why I suspect (as several other players have recently observed) the scoring is undergoing some changes.   This may necessitate more re-writing to Walking Down The Avenue than I had anticipated,  although it is frankly too soon to know what changes might be necessitated in the book,  beyond simply mentioning them.   Also as of now I am assuming this is simply a temporary Facebook glitch that will be fixed fairly soon.   If the problem becomes wide spread and people stop using Facebook,  this could prove to be a significant social media turning point.  (Though I suspect the problem will resolve itself shortly.)

What about you?   Have you encountered the missing posts on Facebook user pages problem?  Do you expect it will be quickly resolved?     Have you noticed changes in the Empire Avenue scoring of different networks?   Has it changed the way you network?    Please leave a comment and let us know.

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20 comments on “Why Does Facebook Hate Me?

  1. I haven’t experienced the Facebook problem. However, I have noticed and so have several others about Empire Avenue changes. My Empire Avenue network score has been on a continual downward spiral for the past month even as my activity has increased.

    • Yes, that jibes with my observations, Steve. My EAv, WP and Twitter scores going down down down and my FB score going up up up. /shrugs profoundly

  2. I’ve had no problems like that on Facebook, but I am baffled with Empire Avenue. I’ve given up requesting assistance from the help desk in relation to a couple of issues. As for their scoring, there is a definite feeling the scoring is undergoing some changes. I’m sure we’ll hear about it soon enough.

    • Yes, I am one of many people who had too many tickets never resolved to bother with the help desk. Contacting some of the EAv team members directly sometimes works quite well.

  3. I’ve never fully understood EA’s scoring system. Whether I tweet and post a lot or not, I hover at about $94 and $0.75; if anything changes that, it might be people buying my shares. I really can’t guess how there are people with share prices over $500 with dividends holding at one percent of that.

    With FB, things have always been weird. Sometimes I’ll post something, and it’ll show up in my own feed for hours; other times, I can’t find the post on my own wall until days later, if at all. If it makes any sense, it’s not in any obvious way.

    • The 1% diviend thing is only a myth these days. I believe that the current working ration for value buyers is about 0.65% dividends per 1 eave share price.

  4. I do not really pay that close attention to my EA score to comment.
    Regarding Facebook I have had a similar experiences. some days i will post and nothing shows up. I have found that if I right click and reload the page the post appears.

  5. Hadn’t noticed anything unusual on either. EA has always been a bit of a puzzle to me. Seems to get harder as I hit anything divisible by 10 then boom takes off only to slow and slip as I reach the next milestone. Probably people selling me off or something. My divs slipped as I slipped off the SM radar and have grown since I’ve become active again.

  6. Starting with Facebook issue, I have not seen changes of this kind lately. EA is another issue that intrigues me a lot. I have posted questions several times in different communities but the answers did not help to understand how the things work. Something did change about a month ago, my div per share is jumping up and down every day, I am spending more time on EA just to figure out the best strategy, but nothing helps. I can not figure out how to get more eaves to invest back in people that are maxed in me and do not understand where are going the eaves when somebody invests in me. I thought only the 5% commissions are going to EA but it appears that only a small part goes to me. After one year on EA I still do not understand how to calculate my steps and it has become more and more difficult lately and takes a lot of my time. Thanks for bringing it up here, but I still am looking for an answer.

  7. I’ve not seen any problems in Facebook, (apart from the normal usability stuff). As for the EA calculations, my divs have gone up a bit in the last few weeks, but I’ve made a few changes to how I use a couple of my networks and I’ve passed the 200 share price threshold so it’s difficult to say what the cause is. The do tweak from time to time so I expect something has changed.

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