Flame: Don’t Spam My Facebook Page, Damn It!

This is a flame.    If you are part of the 99% of my Facebook friends who have never spammed my Facebook page,  please visit someone else today and don’t read this post.   If you have ever posted a foursquare checkin to someone else’s Facebook page,   I’m talking to you.

While I do have an account on foursquare,  I don’t have a cell phone so I rarely use that account.   And I would never post my own foursquare check-ins to my Facebook page,  because I know that most of my Facebook audience would consider it spam,  more or less.    I pay a lot of attention to my page most of the time.   I always delete game notices,  as well as most anything that strikes me as unduly controversial or likely to be offensive.   I try very hard to share content the is both (at times) visually and verbally interesting.

I want to be clear that by and large I really love it when my Facebook friends post to my wall.   A note to say hello,  or catch up on news or just to leave a joke….all of these get an A+ from me.   Leaving a funny picture or a non-spammy link to an interesting article.   That’s great.     But your foursquare check-in???    Are you out of your freaking mind???

I feel as though I exercised great restraint.   I did not un-friend nor block the guy who posted his foursquare check-in to my Facebook page.     I did unsubscribe from almost all of his updates.    And if he ever does it again I will block the mofo already.*    I was chatting with a friend yesterday about how I was the first one to reach Empire Avenue’s block limit.    (I block users on the Avenue whom I definitely do not wish to invest in nor interact with;  for me it’s all about keeping my streams free of things that make angry and very irritated.)   My Facebook page is for me to share stuff with my friends.   And if you think spamming your foursquare check-ins to my page is acceptable,   be assured you are not now nor will you ever  be a friend of mine.

/flame      We now return you to your regular blog content.

*As popular sex columnist Dan Savage would probably advise.


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