Some days just seemed turned around.   Upside down or perhaps inside out.

In a weird way I AM working on the new mission book today.  Although what I am actually doing is not writing the book but talking to a friend about how she uses missions.   She’s giving me some fantastic insights and great information that I will certainly rely on in writing the book.  Part of me is certain this is just good old fashioned procrastination,  yet another part of me is even more certain that the book has not jelled in my mind yet and that I still need to talk more and learn more before I can write it.      And I still think I will be able to make my July 1st deadline.

I know that later this week I absolutely must break open a manuscript and start writing.   And that makes me just a tiny bit nervous.   Though I am in some ways very much looking forward to having written again,  I don’t much want to write.   (And yes,  I know how utterly crazy that sounds.)   Honestly,   I feel a bit guilty about cranking out yet another blog posts about writer’s angst.  So to give this post just a bit of another focus,   I invite you to comment with any questions or observations you have about Empire Avenue missions.    Missions can be great for achieving a number of different objectives.   And the more eaves you can devote to missions the more things you can get your social media contacts to do.    I also will try to make clear some of the many things that missions don’t work well for,   in hopes of saving players’ time and eaves from being spent on strategies that have little or no chance of success.

So how about it?    Do you have any questions about Empire Avenue missions?    Have you picked up any eaves by participating in missions?    Have you offered any missions?   How did they go?    Please leave a comment with your answers to any or all of these questions.   And be sure to look for Libdrone’s Guide To Empire Avenue missions coming this summer.


31 comments on “Disorientation

  1. Hi! I am a big fan of missions! I tend to go for ones offering 1,000 and over, though… I have posted a few missions, and aim to post some more in the future! Nice article!

  2. I do wish, without discouraging engagement, there were some penalty for those who take eaves without completing missions. After all, some members pay actual money for those eaves.

    • I believe that IF there is improvement in the API’s the day may come that the mission eaves are released, for instance, when the missionary clicks the re-tweet button or the Like button or whatever. For now, I think mission creators need to be realistic that what their eaves buy is simply traffic– it takes a social relationship and/or great content to get that traffic to DO something once they reach the target site.

    • By being more social. Get into discussions on Twitter and Facebook. Like your friends’ entries so that they will be moved to like yours back. Dividends are a function of Your social engagement across all platforms that are connected to Empire Avenue, and your engagement an interaction on Empire Avenue itself.

  3. I offer a mission and just 4 of 10 followed correctly. I have no chance to control who take the eavs and not take a mission. Lot of other bugs also on EA – and very complicated (bad) support.

    • As I said above, when you create missions you have to understand that all you are buying is the traffic. You really do have to do something more than give eaves to get much social interaction going.

  4. I have participated in many missions; have not offered any. I understand my share price must be above 50 to offer missions – do not know that for a fact. I have found no place to learn about the “rules” of EA for missions, or anything else, for that matter.

    • My friends who are in online sales, where a 1% conversion ratio would be considered Excellent, point out that most missions get a 50% or better completion rate. My friends who are not in online sales look at the 50% completion rate and say “I thought we were Friends!”

  5. I want to know why only some people can create missions, I have a friend that is just amassing wealth because she can’t create missions and that’s the only reason she joined EA!

      • That’s not easy to do, it was for me but I have a HUGE online following. She doesn’t… they need to make it based on share price or length of time on. She’s been a member since late Feb/early March and is only at 30 something a share.

      • I’m worth 116, I can create missions all day long… my friend can’t as she’s worth 30ish I believe. Her dividend is pretty low so no one buys her.

      • I’d need about 10x my net worth to get here there I imagine. I’m only worth 7 million, I only make 44k a day on dividends… I make another 100-120k a day buying new members while at work and dumping them before bed.

      • ah. In that case the answer is time. You will find by and large that time is the largest bringer of eaves wealth. Some of the richest players are simply the earliest adopters who stuck with it. And yes, if your net worth is only 7 milllion, you probably can’t afford to run missions to raise her share price. You might try to get a much wealthier friend to do it for you 🙂

  6. I love the EA missions, I found that missions help boost your network score whether you’re doing them or creating them for others. I recommend selling lots of stock and expanding your portfolio to diversify your impact alongside this score boost as the best way to take advantage of them. This week I sold off almost everyone and then took millions to spend on bigger pie upgrades and on hundreds of newbies/lower dividends.

    I think that no matter your investments you have to let people know that you’re network-score conscious – the name of the game requires network scores. If EmpireAvenue was your only network that would still ring true.

    If you can just focus on your goals and play the game like a trader then your scores will remain steady (or grow) making your dividends more attractive. Doing missions helps you grow your portfolio about as much as it helps improve your network scores.

    I like trading better than investing – it causes people to sell your stock allowing for different buyers to consider the sudden rise in available shares. OF course this is branding 101

    More investors means more recognition… making your best days even better.

    I like when I can stop playing for a few days (occasionally, for whatever reason like a break from it) then come back to see my price is still rising, people are still buying, and the divs I earned are often enough to run a small mission for anything I like to share.

    • Kenneth, what you have to remember is that Empire Avenue is 1) a social network itself 2) a social networking monitoring tool and 3) a stock market game. Different players are primarily on Empire Avenue for one of these three very different purposes (or for some combination thereof) and there is no one Right way to play. I mostly agree with most of your advice and it would likely apply for many players….but without knowing why you’re on the Avenue and what your goals are…..

  7. Hi,

    Ok i’ll admit it, I’m a mission whore…. I try and do some every day. These are the reasons I bother in order of priority:

    EA Activity.

    Missions are great way to quickly boost your activity in an interesting way. Like the mission, except the mission, comment on the mission, all (probably) give some kind of credit. I’ve seen lots of people sniff at buy missions, but they’re great, free wealth, free income (even if it’s below your normal return) and more actions! Buy, shout out, endorse blogs….

    News Connections:

    I’ve met some great new people, discovered some fantastic new blogs, and made some great new investments, all as a direct result of missions. Missions have boosted all my networks, I really think people that don’t properly complete missions are not just missing the point but are failing to see the benefit.

    Free cash:

    And no this is isn’t my top reason. Sure, 5 and 10k missions are great, but their aren’t many of those to be had and if you’re going to complete them properly you’ll run out of time long before you get rich!

    As for the down sides, obviously the big one is mission thieves. some people have got so fed up with having their eves stolen they open the mission with a threat… pretty off-putting and unwelcoming. I’ve started feeling a little paranoid about completing them properly!

    Another one for me is overly complex missions, or really long write ups. I’ve seen a couple recently where I really wasn’t sure what the person wanted. I want to do it right, and help the person with their objective so I often skip missions that I think may land me in trouble for non completion!

    • Emma, it seems to me that you have done a fantastic job of explaining some of the benefits of missions and some of the issues that both mission creators and mission completers struggle with. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your perspectives today.

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