A Foolish Consistency

” A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

With my early May vacation from blogging,   I seem to have forfeited any claims I might have made about consistency.    As the weather outside gets sunnier and warmer and it feels day by day as though Spring is on it’s way to being sprung,   my mind and the flow of words just kind of dried up for a few days so I just didn’t post.   I know that writing every single day in this blog really is a huge task.    This was not the first break I took and I know it won’t be the last.

As of yesterday,  I am back to publishing every day,  although I honestly don’t know how long this will last.   Sometimes,    it seems that life is just a struggle and there is nothing left over to put into writing.  (Other times I write and write and there doesn’t seem to be quite enough left over for life.   Go figure.)    So I announce,   in a quavering uncertain voice that daily posts on this blog are recommenced effective immediately,   even though I honestly don’t honestly know if I am going to be able to bring myself to write even the very next one.

I am out of insulin and need to go to the pharmacy tomorrow and get more.    As of May 1st my new health coverage is in effect and I am hoping this will be a delighfully small co pay,  but will have to just go an see what happens.   I definitely noticed they took more than 100 bucks out of my check for the premium,  so fingers crosssed that I will be able to afford all of my medical needs under this new plan.   Here’s hoping that May is off to a good start in your world, my friends.


2 comments on “A Foolish Consistency

  1. Alan have a Great Day, Creative juices don’t follow everyday mate, have to let the left side of the brain work sometimes you know ! LOL

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