…and a partridge in a pear tree

4 good ideas + 3 unexamined assumptions +  2  Easter Eggs,  + partridge in a pear tree =   X?

Can you solve this equation?    I won’t belabor this,   I’ll come right out and tell you.    The equation above is the typical “professional”  post about business blogging.     It’s clear the writer knows a thing or two.   Unfortunately,   to the initiated it is also clear that there’s a lot the post’s author does not know and understand.    There is most always a bit of genuinely good advice,   as well as a lot of words that don’t really mean anything and serve mainly to demonstrate  the author’s ignorance of some of the core realities of marketing, publishing,  writing, etc.    There are often a couple of highly amusing hidden gems as well as lots of keywords that the author is determined to match for,   without perhaps really understanding the true value of keywords  (which is actually a great deal more elusive than, say,  a Klout of 75).   Why is there so much bad business blogging out there?

The answer,  it seems to me,  is that business blogging is actually a rather complex and complicated undertaking.   Which unfortunately,   most anyone who has ever achieved a basic mastery of WordPress software assumes they are more than up to tackling.     The correct answer to damned near any question about marketing,  blogging or publishing is  “it depends”.      If you think your goal is getting more traffic to your web site,   that is not actually that hard to do.    Most any consultant can help you to get tons more visitors to your website than you currently do.   However,  it is important to ask yourself what the value of that increased traffic actually is.     If you think your goal is to raise your Klout score,  most any consultant can help you to do that.   It’s not really all that hard.   But what good is that increased score going to do for you?

It sometimes amazes me that lots and lots of otherwise sensible people seem to go just plum crazy chasing after various metrics online,  without ever fully understanding what those metrics are,  how they are determined,  how they can be manipulated and how they may impact actual revenue producing activities.     Some day,  I dream,   I will speak with a client who is actually focused on producing more revenue,   rather than hung up on a bunch of numbers that they don’t even begin to understand.


2 comments on “…and a partridge in a pear tree

  1. This is a hybrid type comment influenced by this and your previous post about picayune earnings and hotel de Dieu in which you mentioned my post. I do appreciate that.

    What is a business blog? Is it a blog with the specific purpose of increasing sales of a certain brand, product or service? Or is it a vehicle to market it’s publisher, enhance his or her status and lead to profitable, speaking, writing or consulting ventures?

    My guess is both would be considered business blogs.

    What really amazes me is that certain blogs seem to attain a cult status, frequently for an undecipherable reason after which their numbers go into the stratosphere. The high number of visitors, readers, commentators feeds an ever increasing stream of new visitors.

    The blogger then gets noted as a successful blogger, gets interviewed on TV, gets speaking engagements, writes a book and the cycle just keeps going.

    By the time some successful bloggers reach the early stages of cult status, quality of content seems to become almost irrelevant.

    There are many good business blogs out there which regularly deliver good, useful content and are highly rated, but there are a fair number that do not, yet continue to be portrayed as highly successful.

    Equally, there are many good useful blogs that do not attract the visitors, the fame or the cult status.

    Which tends to prove that promotion is more important than substance and for many, the high Klout score is more important than the number of widgets sold.

  2. Peter, the fact is that there are lots of folks out there who are widely regarded as successful despite not consistently producing good content. In the world of bloggers, it is axiomatic and continually repeated to new comers that consistently creating great content is THE key to good blogging. And yet….as you point out, so often some bloggers seem to become popular just because, despite really missing the mark on great content.

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