Too Picayune To Note At The Hotel Dieu

First,  let me state right off that this post has nothing whatsoever to do with the construction of the new University Hospital in New Orleans.   A picayune was a Spanish coin worth half a real and the word has come to mean in English a matter that is trivial, minute or otherwise not worth worrying about.    And what,   you may ask,  is the picayune matter I have been contemplating today?    My online earnings.

My friend Peter today has a blog post that compares online marketers to farmers and contemplates the necessity of a “go big or go home” strategy.   It seems to me that with most if not all of the people I’ve spoken with and discussed online marketing with over the past 5 years or so,   there is most always a great deal of talk about various statistics and ephemera  (‘my Klout is up to 60 now!’ ; ‘did you see my page rank is up to 5’) and little if any talk ever about how many widgets have been sold or how much revenue produced.      While it is certainly true that mastering various aspects of web publishing and online marketing can help with the sales of widgets,  it seems to me that far too often online marketers get very focused on various statistics that don’t really mean much of anything,   and which can fairly easily be….well….faked,  and which have nothing to do with actually producing revenue.

I have just about decided,  that the next edition of Walking Down The Avenue is going to come out on July 1st,   which will be the one year anniversary of the original publication.    At that time I am also going to release a second book about using Empire Avenue missions to create social activity.    I am not yet sure about the pricing,   though I believe I am going to make the introductory book a bit cheaper than the missions guide.   The price will also vary depending upon where the book is purchased from.  The lowest prices will probably be available on,   the highest prices in Amazon’s  Kindle store and Smashwords somewhere in between.     Part of me is kind of meh about all the work I will need to do in the next two months to get both of these books ready for publication.   And yet,  like Pollyanna,   I am looking forward to the releases and feel certain that I will actually make some money this time  🙂


6 comments on “Too Picayune To Note At The Hotel Dieu

  1. Hello Alan, You are expecting to make money this time because the field is bigger! Bigger because you farmed “released a book before” where there were not a lot of users 1 year ago on EVa. Therefore you needed more land as in farming near Arid / Dry Land like Kimba in South Australia. – But maybe now you might be thinking like the Farmers do in Pt Lincoln South Australia, need less land because the rain fall is higher.

    Invariably in either case the need for volume is present, in arid land less pests but less rainfall. In high rainfall area’s more pests, and therefore the need for volume is required to produce profit anyway, but less land is needed in high rainfall areas.

    Now a year later more people on the internet and EAv, and the pest I think is the speed is increasing, people look at websites now and you have seconds to get their attention, Once it was text early 90’s then pictures, now Video and very good video at that, that is a pest if you will. TIME

    However the amount of people has increased. Therefore easier to manipulate the figures and not talk about money produced and profit. I like your article & Blog, Because the landscape is larger, and more fertile being different to the farming scenario i mentioned above… The pests “speed & Illusions” move with tremendous Speed…….. Getting peoples attention is so much harder.

    That is the challenge because we are connecting but not connected – We are happy to chat in one word sentences like teenagers but, the challenge is to get commitment, engagement and conversion good luck.

    There is some thoughts hope you like them.

  2. The points you raise are valid. Indeed if we are to believe all the social media precepts spewed out on twitter we too will spin our wheels into the poor house.

    I ask you, how can an unemployed college kid can have more klout/influence than Bill Gates?

  3. Having been doing this for a while now, I’ve pretty much settled on setting books at US$2.99. I started at $8.99, back when I was locked at 35%, and did okay; then I tried ninety-nine cents, which didn’t change much more than my total profits; $2.99 seems to let everyone win: it’s not a lot of money for the consumer, and I’m at 70% or just over two bucks per unit.

    Incidentally, I just let the last of my stuff expire its way out of the whole exclusivity thing at; it was a neat idea, but they’ve been notoriously weird about things like piracy and sample chapters. I wrote up a longer explanation here:

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