Funny What You Remember

It is funny what you remember.    This morning I found myself thinking about Morton Frozen Doughnuts.   Back in the 1970’s my mom used to buy them regularly.   There were glazed doughnuts and jelly doughnuts,  about the same size as you would get at a doughnut shop.    They came in boxes of six and you had to bake the frozen doughnuts before eating them hot out of the oven.   There were also mini cinnamon doughnuts,  that came 18 to a box.    I vividly remember eating them hot out of the oven and could almost taste them this morning.   Honestly,   I can’t even say what it was that called those old doughnuts to mind.   But it was such a vivid memory.

It is more sunny than cloudy today,  though quite mixed.    And we have all three of us decided to take the day off from the big can return project.    I continue re-reading Hawaii.    At the moment I am in the section that follows Char Nyuk Tsin  the Chinese vegetable peddler and matriarch whose descendants go on to play such a huge role in the islands.     My cold is a bit worse today and by large I am just resting and not trying to do much of anything.

I’ve been listening to Pink Floyd.    I’m so pleased that YouTube seems to have dropped their limit on video length and now I am finding entire albums uploaded and available.    I listened to Wish You Were Here,  which I consider one of Pink Floyd’s very best works.   Shine On You Crazy Diamond,  Welcome To The Machine and Have a Cigar,  as well as the title track.    Such memorable themes and such beautiful orchestration.   How wonderful to put the headphones on and spend an hour really listening to great music.   Although,  I have no doughnuts.


3 comments on “Funny What You Remember

  1. Me, too, Trevor.

    Alan, this is probably a stupid question – but do you crush your cans flat before returning them? I keep thinking either you’re drinking WAY too much soda, or you’re letting those empties take up WAY too much space.

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