Here Comes The Sun

And then sometimes,  the rain stops and the sun comes out and everything is better.    That was today here in Pierce County.   After a cold rainy morning,   this afternoon the sun came out,  tentatively at first,  and then the rain stopped and the sun shone brighter and it was a nice afternoon.    I’ve got a LOT of cans bagged up and ready to go back to the recycling center and note with joy that payday is only one week from today.    This is definitely a good month.

I was very pleased with all the feedback I received about Empire Avenue’s new interface and the Missions feature.      I have kind of mixed feelings about both of these issues myself.    I do not care for the new interface,  and on my primary account did Not convert to the new interface and continue to see the site as  I had prior to the recent changes.     I have checked out the new interface and played with it on a test account,  but frankly like the old flavor better and do not intend to upgrade to the new interface until forced to do so.     Lately I have not been doing so many Empire Avenue missions.    To be perfectly frank,   I most always have more eaves than I have time to spend,  so the eaves rewards don’t much motivate me to do missions.   And while I do sometimes enjoy directing a bit of traffic or engagement with mission eaves,  lately I just haven’t really had the time, energy or impetus to create lots of missions and driving lots of actions every day.

I know that my moods and energies will inevitably shift again and there is every chance that the day may come that I once again entice folks to play #definethis with me on Twitter  (though honestly it’s been more than a week since I bothered to make a Tumblr post for the word of the day,  let alone run a mission to attract players.   And the sad fact is that when I don’t run missions,  no one plays at all.    Part of me really likes that just by spending a bit of virtual currency that I most always have lots of I was able to get lots of people to play.    But the fact that they only play when I offer an eaves reward bothers me just a bit.    I have to say that as a blogger I love all of the traffic and comments I get whenever I run a blog mission.    Though the folks who read, share, like and comment when I don’t publicize my posts at all,   are the ones I value the most.

I have not yet made any firm decisions,  nor started working on the next edition of Walking Down The Avenue.    But I will continue to re-read all of the comments and to solicit other opinions and may try to plan for the next release to come out on June 30th,   the book’s one year anniversary.


18 comments on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. Hi Alan, I think it’s more of a memory jog than anything, at this point I do missions more to support my friends than for the eaves (although eaves are always nice since I’ll recycle them). I just get busy and forgetful.. so sorry!

    • Anne, I know in my heart that most all of my friends who comment, do so not because of the eaves but because they wanted to engage. I know that you are right that putting up the mission often just serves as a reminder or a heads up (like e-mail subscriptions and RSS feeds). I also know that so much of this is just about my own moods. There have been times this year when I just cranked out great posts and promoted them like mad and lately….I’ve more struggled just to crank out something and don’t really promote it much 🙂

    • I’m with Anne. I don’t need to be paid to play #DefineThis. But when I’ve checked (on days when you don’t run a Mission), your blog hasn’t posted the word for the day and I don’t know where else to look for it.

      Same with your blog, I saw your Mission and the rewards were gone, but I needed the reminder to read your blog today and came any way because you always have something interesting to say.

      I’d recommend an email reminder list but, you know, I’ve stopped checking my Inbox as regularly because I’m on too many email lists. I guess I just need to use my bookmarks more often!

    • I’ve been on the Avenue for a bit over a year now. I’ve found that time is the biggest bringer of eaves wealth. And when you get to the point where you have a pretty big influx of dividends from your investments every day….well let’s just say the eaves can really pile up.

  2. I appreciate your sentiments. Personally, I play the EA game to incentivize my social activity. As a motivator when writing another blog post seems just too much to do. It does, sometimes, seem self-serving to pay other players for attention, shares and endorsements – but it is the nature of the gamification involved. We are gamifying everything, you’ve probably noticed. Training, user manuals, education, and even some business transactions are being gamified. As a digital game publisher, this is of interest to me.

  3. Hi Alan, thanks for sharing your thoughts – deep thoughts. I often wonder why I am EA – it’s a game, I’m learning heaps, I do missions and post missions, still learning about social media, engagement, measurement etc. I am following your blog but it’s not get to my email box so ‘ll have to check my settings. When an email comes I drop in on blogs.

    • You know, Tom, I am just about to the point I don’t even look at my e-mails anymore. They are not exactly spam, but it seems to me that I get zillions of automated messages from all sorts of websites. And I just don’t find the time anymore to look through them all. I guess I am kind of post e-mail at this point.

      • Email is full of spam but the filters are pretty good a keeping it at bay. I read that FB is implementing a spam filter for 6 months after which you have to pay. Re your lack of use of email – are you using twitter and blog posts as a way of keeping in touch with people or other means such as mobile technology for your conversations

  4. Regarding blogs, do not feel bad. Before missions, I sometimes was lucky to get one visit a day. There is always a big difference between running a mission vs. just posting something and waiting to see who shows up.

    By the way, I had no idea you could see Empire Avenue under the old interface.

    • At some point a big thingy appeared on your screen and offered to let you upgrade to the new interface. I clicked No at that point and have not regretted it 🙂

  5. I’ve been playing Empire Avenue for a little over a month and didn’t know it had ever been any different than it is now! The fact that you liked the old interface better has me curious, but, I suppose not knowing is something of a blessing. I don’t embrace change well and seem to have my hands full getting used to the changes on Facebook. Enjoyed your post and will check in from time to time to see “what’s shakin”!

  6. I’ll agree with Anne – I’m surprised daily by the amount of content I find myself wading through, so regular haunts feel like a thing of the past. I used to keep a list of “check-daily” sites, then upgraded that into an RSS reader, then abandoned it when I was constantly pinned at 1000+ unread items 🙂
    The missions are great reminders of friends unvisited, and your blog is always a happy pitstop.

    • I know just what you mean. I used to subscribe to blogs I especially liked via e-mail so I would always be sure to get their new posts. But my e-mail is Always full of automated messages from zillions of blogs and other web sites….so much so that I don’t really used my e-mail at all anymore….except to search for some automated message needed for some bit of password administrivia. I once had almost 300 blogs set up in an RSS reader….but after a while it was just more than I could keep up with and I stopped following things by RSS. It’s kind of like shareholder mail on EAv….when it got to the point of being a constant icon 100+ new notifications….I never look at it anymore.

  7. Hello Alan, Thank you for the Blog today. I suppose playing the Ave, has a lot to do with what one is going through wants to achieve and generally how they are feeling or thinking at that time in their lives. I would think its a bit like, Time to Play, Time to work, Time to mourn, Time to be happy and so forth. We are still humans and come to an interface, but withing the interface our own face if you will, shines forth. When they are “driven” for example they play like mad. When they just cannot be bothered with anything – The Ave will come last. Then comes the Rain in their lives they get “driven again” and go at everything hard, When the Sun comes out to play in their lives, the Ave turns into something just to do for fun help friends or left for a while. Anyway Have a Great & Wonderful Day.

  8. Collective burnout? I think that’s partly what it is, Alan. It’s not just you. It’s exhausting to try to rise above the noise to be heard, and there seems so little return on the effort, some days, that it’s just depressing. And then it hits us – maybe we’ve neglected the efforts and the people who really matter most to us. And for WHAT, exactly? I had a lot of fun painting, last night. Going out with the girls. Indulging in wine, cheese, and messy – really messy – creativity. Tactile, pleasurable things that didn’t involve strategy, unsocial media, or typing. 🙂

    Hi, Emma, Barry, Ransae, Tom, Anne, and people I don’t know yet but hope to! And yes, I, too, agree with Anne. The burnout causes very short memory and a need for constant reminders and a lot of breadcrumbs. It’s sad, but true. Like Internet magpies, we’re easily distracted by shinier things.

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