Waiting For Spring

It seems to me that I often catch a cold when the seasons change.    Certainly,  our seasons here in the Northwest are very different from those I experienced growing up in New Orleans and  very different again from those I experienced in the years I lived in the Boston area.    And Spring,  it seems is at times the most teasing and mercurial of seasons.    Although we have had some warm, sunny weather this week it cold and rainy and feels more than a little like winter,  even though we are only a few days from May.

Between my cold and the wet, chilly weather I have not bagged any more cans in the last few days.   I did go out on the patio to look around.   But while the rain has rfor the moment at least stopped,  everything is soaking wet out there and with the chill (and me already suffering a chest cold) I did not even try to go out and bag cans.     Ron told me tonight he is going to try to insist going forward that we all bag cans as we accumulate them.   (Indeed,  if the thousands and thousands of cans already on the patio were already bagged,   I would simply start loading them into the car and hauling them to the recycling center.)   It is a good idea,  and I hope we will implement it going forward.   But I also know it will take  a great deal of work to bag up all the cans we have already accumulated.

I have been re-reading James Michener’s novel Hawaii.   Traveling along with the missionaries from Boston on their long journey from Boston to Maui,  by boat  all the way down around the tip of South America.    It’s a wonderful story,  and one I’ve read many times.    As I myself am sitting here waiting for spring,   the part of the story where the tiny frigate must try and try again to make the arduous passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific  seemed striking and quite apt to me.    Here’s hoping that the sun will soon come out so that I can get my cans bagged and taken in and we can enjoy having some money in the last week of the month.


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