10 Bags, 40 Pounds, $22.75

So I’ve been busy with my recycling project.   On our patio there is a HUGE stack of cans.    Listen,   I know that soda is horrible for us and we shouldn’t drink it.   But we do and we always, always always save empty aluminum beverage cans and never put them into the apartment complex’s recycling bins.     Periodically I bag them up and take them to a recycling center where they pay cash for recyclable aluminum.    I am determined that I am going to use up every tall white kitchen bag I have and going to bring back lots of cans and get lots of lovely cash to make the rest of the month a bit easier to bear.

Honestly?   I was a little bummed.   I thought I had 12 bags rather than just 10 in the car.   And I had thought the 12 bags would have been more like 50 pounds.   But.   I have another 10 bags all ready to go,   and have decided that I will keep on bagging cans until I run out of bags,  and then take them all in, making as many trips as needed.   (My 1999 Saturn continues to run pretty good and can easily hold ten bags of recycling.)   I know we really shouldn’t drink the soda in the first place.   But I know my kitty is NOT going to ever give up sodas,   so I know that I’m going to keep drinking them too.   But I honestly feel pretty good about my small scale recycling project,   which seems to me very win, win, win.   After I finish bagging and hauling in those cans,   it will be real nice to be going into the last week of the month with some cash on hand and no worries about the days until payday.

Part of me thinks this is such a tiny accomplishment and such a small victory as to be hardly worth noting,   even in a personal blog that only a handful of people read.   And yet this small step really is the difference between our household making it through the month with no problems,   and going through the last week of the month broke and struggling to get by until pay day.    And that,  it seems to me, is kind of huge.    Here’s hoping your month is going along well.       How often do you get paid?   Do you ever run out of money and struggle the last few days until payday?


One comment on “10 Bags, 40 Pounds, $22.75

  1. If only there was a pay day, When MF Global went bankrupt it destroyed my business here in Australia. I got all my clients money out with hours to spare at the most, but due to the Slack Group Compliance of the Commonwealth Bank in Australia I was dealt a severe blow. its now been 8 months since I have been a paid. If I had recycling money right not I would be very happy for it. The bread I have cast out on the waters may be a bit sloggy because the tide kept going until last week but with a massive effort of 80-90 hours per week since Oct 2011 the tide is turning. So hopefully in another 2 months I will /may start to get some income. So here’s to all those that have regular income – Good on you keep it because the next Global Crash Started on the 1st May 2012 !

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