Feeling Past Tense

Cute animal photos.    It almost feels like a cheap shot,  although I really did just type the title into an image search and chose one of the results.    And fwiw,  I really have been feeling kind of past tense today.    While I am somehow forcing myself to keep up with this blog,   I am not moving very fast at all on my new writing project and have totally let slip Twitter and #definethis.      I’m not getting much of anything done and feel awful while not doing it.    I think on top of everything else I have a change of season cold.   It’s kind of like  “not my day”-squared.

I look at the IM thingy and see that my friend is logged on.   But I don’t say hello cuz I’m not really in much of any mood to chat.    I really need to do some work on my recycling project and get some more cans bagged and turned in for lovely, lovely cash money which will make the rest of the month oh so much easier to get through.   Yet the mere thought of going out on the patio and bagging cans leaves me yawning and insisting it must wait until daylight hours tomorrow.    One way or another I have promised myself I will make several trips and bring in lots of cans this week.

I’m sorry that I just don’t have it in me these days to do all of the socializing that I used to do and that I suspect I may well do again when my mood shifts again.     But I just don’t have it in me these days.   And I am truly grateful to all of my friends who read these blog posts and keep up with me.   Even when it’s not so easy.


One comment on “Feeling Past Tense

  1. I hope the cold clears up soon. We can push ourselves along but there’s nothing wrong with letting things slow up when you need it.

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