Following My Passions

A conversation on a friend’s Facebook page today,  reminded me that to a very great extent these days I am extremely lucky because I am mostly living exactly as I choose to live.    I have a great huzband,  a mostly comfortable home, and I only work on projects that I choose because they allow me to say things I really want to say.

I know that some people might look at my Empire Avenue stats and see that my scores on all networks are trending down and think that I am still going through a bad time.    But that would be such a false impression.   The stats I achieved on Empire Avenue under my wallet name over the past 13 months or so were the result of both a lot of hard work,  and the web of relationships I have been cultivating online for more than 20 years now.

I am writing and publishing my new project under a pseudonym.     It seems to me that writers have long understood the value of a nom de’plume.    To me the Google folks insisting that wallet names make for a better experience for everyone seems hopelessly naive and spectacularly mis-guided.     The challenge now,   is that none of the people who I have met over this past year,   while talking about blogging, social networking and this, that and the other,  are part of the target audience for my new,  very niche project.     I think I might be able to become quite successful in this niche,   although I will have to do it from scratch under a pretty much completely new name.      Many of the lessons I have learned about building a following and chatting my way to success will apply just as much under my pen name.    But I am a bit awed by the added challenge of starting off from scratch with zero friends  🙂

I really am so lucky to be able to spend my days doing just what I really want to do.     And while I know I will never be a hit on that corner where the other folks compare their toys  (though I will tell you I LOVE my CRUZ tablet,  which is superb as an ereader and serviceable as an emergency Internet connection.    I just love pulling over in a residential neighborhood and finding an un-encrypted hot spot and connecting to a web page to find out exactly what I need to know Right Now.    (If you’ve ever driven 10 miles back home to check one last thing on your computer in order to get to where you were going,   you will understand this.)


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