Facebook Fatigue

Biploar disorder is really weird.   I am relearning today how my bi-polar life,  even when I Have and take most all of my medicines  (which is the case at present) my life is always a series of ups and downs. And having had a really great day,  that stretched for fully 30 hours,  and having slept about 12 hours I need to be sure to report that I feel like I’ve been run over by a bus.

It wasn’t Facebook fatigue I felt this morning– yesterday I was on FB some,  though I used it mostly as a tool,   among many tools in my arsenal to actually get dressed, go out, go somewhere and Do Something.    I had two separate visits,   many hours apart that would have amounted to four billable hours,  if I were the sort to charge a friend  🙂  And while I am still manic today,   I am also physically tired.   I have done a lot of work on my new project,  and I fear that going forward my new project is going to take more and more of my attention,  since I will be trying to establish a new niche audience for a fictitious character in an “adult” niche.

I’ve written before about my sincerest belief that Google is tragically mistaken in their belief that forcing people to give a “wallet name”  on their social site provides some level of authenticity or credibility.   The fact that a brand new fictitious character that I am still in the process of creating was easily able to get a G+ profile.   And my wallet name has tons of different e-mails and accounts with Googles and my primary experience with all of Google’s different sites and services is one of intense frustration because I am forever being prompted to change to a different Google account.   Meh.

As it happens I have also been suffering from some actual Facebook fatigue.    I did an Empire Avenue mission the other day,  and found my self on some Facebook screen or another.     All of the posts were by my “Facebook friend”  Seaux N. Seaux.     With only the most cursory glance at the content,  I had clicked Like on the first item.   But when I looked up I saw that I was on a Facebook Page for SomeDamnThing.    And I really did try,  but quite failed to call to mind anything at all about my Facebook friend Seaux N. Seaux.      We own an equal number of shares of each other on Empire Avenue.   And we are connected on Facebook and Twitter.     And I haven’t even a clue who the hell this guy is.

It seems to me I have in some way mastered the art of building a bunch of Facebook friends.   I have an even larger number of friends under another name on another social network that I won’t mention.    I don’t know any of those people either.   Though I did like the pictures they posted of themselves or the way they played a silly little game with me.    I wouldn’t call any of these online friends at 4 in the morning if I had a problem.   They probably wouldn’t recognize me to say hello if we both happened at some time to be in the same public space.     I find myself wondering if I should do some housekeeping in my social networks and try to focus more carefully on a smaller number of more memorable contacts?

What about YOU?

Are You feeling Facebook fatigue.   Do you periodically trim your social lists of contacts whose name and icon no longer ring much of a bell?


16 comments on “Facebook Fatigue

    • Wayne, I think that fatigue or burn out is something that can hit anyone who gets emotionally invested in any kind of sustained and at least quasi competitive undertaking. It’s one think to have scores in the 50’s and a price in the hunddreds and divs in the seventies and say it’s just a tool and I happen to be using other tools for my current project. It means something else if those numbers were halved. Or doubled. And yet no numbers will ever make YOU understand ME. Or vice versa. Thanks so much for your comment, Wayne.

    • Saul, if you just feel sick of social media and blogging and marketing shit, just step away and take a break from it. I am dead serious in this advice. If you’re feeling burned out and your heart just isn’t in it, chances are that’s going to show. Long term you’ll be far better served taking a needed break and going back when you’re ready to climb that mountain every morning again.

  1. A very honest take about what I call Facebook or “social media” Mana-burn, where you over reach and over extend yourself, and build and generate a buzz but still an end result is yet to be seen. I know at some point I will have to do a split between myself and my biggest social media presence which is my art and the artworld I’ve created. and it will soon be happening. An occasional pruning and “housecleaning” of the networks is always good, especially on empire avenue as it gives you more social currency for missions and gives you the ability to pad people you like.

    Keep up the fight with the pipolarness man, you will find more and more level ground, and will know how to use the airs of mania to fly without getting too close to the sun and avoid the hard crash of depression. Cheers.

    • Sia, It seems to me that the real thing about social media is that relationships constantly evolve and change. Respect sometimes must be won in increments and trust certainly builds over time. The total number of different people you or any other human being ends up “talking to” in some form of two way person to person speech is infinitely variable since it can include everything from saying “good morning” to whomever you see at the breakfast table to having an invovled debate on a very obscure web site that only a handful of people will ever read.

      It seems to me we humans have always taken steps both to expand and to restrict our communications with each other at every conceivable level from the simplest conversations to the grandest debates and forums where great minds have public conversations and pick ideas apart. My bipolar disorder is so much bigger than just being depressed. I have been manic for a week or so as I type this. I can’t shut up and I just have tons of energy and words flow from the tip of my mind, or the tips of my fingers. I hate that I feel so out of control when I am manic. While I have learned to use the energy, and for the most part I hope manage not to come across as an asshole and push people away when I am oh so talkative, I can’t help but regret some of the people I’ve pushed away, not because I decided I didn’t want them in my life, but because they simply could not cope with me when I get so talkative, and merely for the sake of debate could shoot the breeze for six hours discussing anything and nothing.

      Thanks so much for your comment, Sia. I really appreciate it.

  2. Hi Alan, thanks for the post. I have felt fatigued by the people who aren’t engaged – trying to figure out how to get them to become engaged online. So many aren’t there yet and feel precious about their presence which then restricts their ability to engage. In the 3 months I’ve been on EA my empire avenue circle on Google has grown to almost 600. In the same time FB friends have grown to well over 750. Twitter on the other hand has grown to almost 4000 followers and given that 1000 are dead and lifeless, that’s still a large number of people to be engaged with. Should they be trimmed – not yet, not while it remains fun and not a chore.

    • Tom it seems to me that so many folks miss the point on Twitter. Even if you have x (1,000, 10,000 1,000,000) followers Twitter is still mostly about talking with folks one on one. If that is not something you’re doing on Twitter….you’re not Really using Twitter.

  3. Online friends and real life friends are very different things… but you know that. Personally I like the fact I have a group of friends that distinct from my real life, it gives me freedom to share and to listen without the intensity of RL interaction.

    • Emma, I think I disagree with your first statement, at least with regards to myself. Over the years I have met face to face in “real life” so many of my “online friends” that I long ago ceased to keep any distinctions about. I could categorize my friends, in a heartbeat if I had to, by say those I would call for help if I actually needed help with a real problem and those who I chat with but would never count on. But for me and the way I interact with the people who are part of my life…..online friends and real friends…..are not groups I keep in my mind or otherwise.

  4. My problem is I think I am good at multi-tasking, but I’m not really. I find I tend to ‘sit’ on one platform (Empire Avenue, FB or Twitter) and just make occasional dutiful forays to the others. I rotate which site as I use as a base – as the mood takes me – so the happy by-product of this is that I am not yet fed up with any of it. I hope this lasts 🙂

    • Laura, your method of “doing” social media sounds remarkably like mine. Right now I am making a fairly big effort to promote this blog and am trying to do just enough #definethis and FB, Twitter etc not to drop off the radar for my current audience (and I do thank you so much for being such a loyal part of it Laura) while I am devoting most of my time and energy to my new project, which is aimed at a completely different audience, that I will be building from scratch. (I like ambitious projects 🙂

      I think the most important thing is to be very clear in your mind what your particular goals are in social media. While metrics can be important in quantifying an fulfilling some goals, it seems to me that far too often I see bloggers who get all concerned about some number, even though they don’t realize that 1) It’s an easily manipulated number and 2) it has nothing whatsoever to do with their own specific goals. Can you tell me in just a sentence or rwo, what your goals are?

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