Felix Felisitas or Here We Go UP

Ron tells me that I have cycled up again.   I started a new project,  was talking mile a minute and stayed up for about thirty hours.    During those hours of heavy activity,  a friend and I  talked about feeling as though we had taken a bit of felix felicitas,   the complex potion that Harry Potter takes in order to accomplish his goal in one of his adventures.      I genuinely believe my new project has a great deal of promise.

This blog is connected to my wallet name.    I have in hundreds of places linked “Libdrone Books”   to “Alan Jobe”.     While I have tried very hard to be candid in these posts,   I have also tried hard to be honest without be hurtful,   and to seriously consider any other points of view offered through readers’ comments.   I have also tried hard to be discrete.   While I have made a point of introducing Ron and have at times written about gay rights and those sorts of things,  I have never once in this space said even a single word about my sex life.    My sex life if mostly under a handle.    It’s not one most of my wallet-name friends would ever be aware of.    My new project is a very targeted niche publication and I do not plan to ever reveal to my wallet name friends my nom du’porn.     In a way,  with this new project what I am setting myself up to try is to create a social and fan following for a fictious social persona,   a character/narrator in my own personal play.

What really pisses me off so bad about Google’s new  ‘you must use your wallet name here’ policy is that it completely ignores the reality that the fictitious character that talks  Very frankly about his busy sex life (complete with photos).     I am reaching out to relevant people in my circle for help with this new project,  which I am hoping will prove to be a money-making thing for me.   Not that I’m every going to get rich.    But there really are a lot of stories to my life that I know I will NEVER share on this blog.    And I am very excited to have an outlet to talk freely and frankly about subjects my wallet name is never ever ever going to Mention in public.


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