Singing Along To Chase The Blues Away

It seems to me I’ve always loved music.   As a child I took piano lessons for years and years.   Later I also took guitar lessons and voice lessons.    My senior year in high school I auditioned for the Meadows School of the Arts  at Southern Methodist Univeristy in Texas.    I didn’t get in and decided I really didn’t have the talent to be a professional performer.   But I confess that I still love listening to music.   My huzband, Ron,  has pretty much broken me of the habit of singing along out loud.   Yet when I am down and depressed,  I’ve found that listening to music and singing along in my mind  (don’t ask me how that works;  somehow it just does) often cheers me up a great deal.

I am definitely still struggling with depression,  but am trying my damnedest to fight my way out of it.  Tonight I have been listening to music on YouTube.   Sometimes  I enjoy the videos,   though mostly I just listen to the audio,  while doing other things in other windows.   And last night,  while listening on YouTube,   I came across an extraordinary video.    This is a full two hour concert that Billy Joel and his band did in Tokyo in 2006.    Apparently YouTube has lifted its ten minute (or was it twenty minute) limit.   I had seen and listened to some of the songs from this concert before,  and was thrilled and amazed to find this excellent, professional video of the entire show.     I don’t think that I have actually cycled up yet,   but spending a couple of hours watching Billy Joel and his amazing group of musicians seems to have put me into an infinitely better mood.

I am proud to note that this is now three days in a row I am posting to this blog right on time.   I hope very much that I will be able to keep a going with my post every day resolution.     I have resolved to simply not worry about the six days that I missed.   Several friends have pointed out in the comments that it really was an audacious goal  (to post every calendar day in 2012) and I intend to be proud of having done all that I could and will not beat myself up over what I just couldn’t do.  I hope soon to get back to replying to every comment.   And I am genuinely grateful to all of my friends who have continued to read and comment,   even while I have been so depressed and not replying.    You each and every one of you mean the world to me.


11 comments on “Singing Along To Chase The Blues Away

  1. Well, you see, ‘Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast’. Or is that ‘beast’?

    Whichever. I am glad to know that you have found a way to help climb up and out of the pit. There are days when I feel I am just holding on by my fingernails, and they may not hold out forever!

    Small, incremental change is the thing, I keep telling myself, and yes it is important not to beat yourself up when the increments seem to be going in the wrong direction.

    I’ve certainly missed you and am glad to know you are blogging again.

    • Laura,

      Certainly it has taken me many years to learn to live through the ups and downs of bi-polar disorder. I know that I am most always up or down, though over the years I’ve have learned sometimes to distinguish between up days in a genuine depression and a true transition from depressed to manic. Today, as I type this I am having a very good day. And that’s as far as I want to take it this morning. Thanks so much for being a good friend, Laura.

  2. Wow thanks for sharing Alan. I totally agree that music is just like food and sunlight, we need it desperately to be truly happy. I sometimes forget to turn on the music, but when I do the day is always brighter. I love listening to almost everything.

    It is so wonderful that you share your struggles, the more people hear the more they will understand and accept that this is a part of many many lives including them or someone they are very close to.

    I hope your day brings sunshine and happiness.

  3. I’m proud to be connected with you in some way, having been there I know how hard it is to drag yourself out of the mire alone, sharing sure helps and I’m here to share, huge hug 🙂

  4. In no particular order…. had a limit of ten minutes; they kicked that up to fifteen a year or two ago. But, in cases, and without a lot of explanation, they’ll offer out partnership things; I think I can upload any number of hours of footage now, within reason, and then get that little AdSense banner obscuring half the frame until you click it back outta the way.

    I started playing the piano when I was two. Dad did that roughly every night [I found out later that he’d been a session pianist for random bands in the postwar jazz era], and I mimicked what he was doing until he sent me off for classical lessons. These days, I still play the thing—or, in fact, a Yamaha synth, with headphones—every few days. I’m convinced that I’m not as good as I should be; people who hear it tell me I’m all exceptional, but it’s still weird to see people watching me do it.

    About writing every day: I think the biggest flaw in the plan is having a plan. I’ve been doing that on my site since 1997, before it was even a thing. If I write an entry [which averages fifteen hundred words—something else you’re not supposed to do], it’s because that’s what I wanna do right then; if I try to structure it out, to write something every day whether I want to or not, that’s when it falls apart. So I don’t necessarily do it every day, but I’ve got thousands of entries [some old enough that I haven’t reformatted them from basic hypertext to work in the modernish CMS] which put me ahead of anyone writing once a day for the last year or two. If it’s really something to strive for, I’d look at the total numbers after a decade, not after a month.

  5. I also find the goal of daily blogs too difficult – I try and get out 10-12 posts a month (which seems to be about as much as my audience/readership can stand, I think, not that I have actually put it to the test!). I have a bipolar friend who blogs – when he’s up he’s up, and there are 3-4 posts a day, mostly good, but this is too much for his followers to take in. And then we hear nothing for a while. I am trying to persuade him to use the widgets to spread his blog posts out, irrespective of how he writes them.

    • It certainly did prove a bit more than me, Alan, Librdone was capable of this year. Yet I have to say that I really like this tiny bit of discipline and a deadline to meet, that recurs every twenty four hours. My post about the great day I am having will not actually appear for three more days. That I have two posts in the can and am having a great day for a huge number of reasons

  6. Always good to see you do good in fighting depression man. In terms of music, thats one of my great regrets, the fact that I never learned to play an instrument. Kee p the fight going, and thanks for ever increasing our vocabulary.

    • Thanks so much Sia. My friend and I are convinced that we have had a great dose of Felix Felisitas as I write this reply. I am on track to have a fantastic day, which I will certainly blog about….in my way. Hope you are also having a most excellent Wednesday, Sia.

  7. If you want to sing……then sing…..don’t hold it in… one has the right to stop you……unless you are in the library

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