So my blood sugar this morning is 143.   Still a bit more to go to get down to the goal of 110,  but definitely better.   I have been consistent about taking my pills and injecting my insulin each morning when I get up,  though I do not check my blood sugar every day.    I remain convinced that constantly checking the sugar level mainly benefits the folks who sell the test strips.

I continue to find myself more and more frustrated with Empire Avenue.   Today for the first time in a while I put up a #definethis mission.    I was pleased of course to see some of my old friends participate on Twitter.   But I am uber frustrated–  the mission simply does not seem to appear on my Empire Avenue screens.   If I go to the create new mission tab,   it shows that I have one mission active,   but when I click on the mission it goes to the My Missions tab which shows blank.    It also seems that I have somehow reached the limit on the number of people I am allowed to block.    When I tried to block someone yesterday,  I got a pop up saying that I had reached my limit and to contact support.    I can’t find anywhere in the help docs what the limit on blocking is,  and I am not going to try submitting a support ticket,  as they have not replied to support tickets for the year I’ve been on the site.   Feh.   It feels almost as though they are driving me away.

If several different things work out,   I may drive up to Seattle today with a friend to pick up something I’ve really been wanting for several weeks now.    I don’t much want to drive all the way to Seattle,  but I am thinking it might be worth it to get what I need.     Here’s hoping that your new week is off to a good start.   And I will try my darnedest to get back in the habit of posting to this site every day.


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