That’s All

So yesterday I missed a day and kind of blew my goal of posting to this blog every day this year.   I remain very depressed and struggling just to get through each day.    The first good news is that Ron and I did get paid today,  so we are not broke.    The second bit of good news is that I have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow morning and hope that by this time tomorrow I will be back on my insulin and pills and on my way to feeling better again.

I find myself hoping that I am this week truly bottoming out in this depression.   Not only did I not post anything in this blog yesterday,  I have also for two or three days now just blown off putting up the #definethis word of the day.    I kind of think that if the only reason anyone played at all was because I offered an eaves reward for doing so, then they don’t really see any value in it and I just don’t feel as though I have the emotional energy to promote a game that no one else gives a shit about.

Since I have been oh so down I just haven’t had it in me to do lots of online socializing and my Empire Avenue share price continues to tank and I just can’t care about it right now.   I do know that I have real friends who do care about me,  and I do cherish them very much.   I also know that sooner or later this depression will pass and I will get manic again.    When I have all that manic energy and enthusiasm,  I’m sure I will get back into online socializing and my scores and share price will recover.   I will be grateful to all of my shareholders who just hang on and wait for that day to come.   And I resolve that I will not waste one iota of energy worrying about any who don’t.


2 comments on “That’s All

  1. Hi Alan,

    Glad you are feeling feisty enough to tell us all what you don’t give a s#%t about.. lol

    Have a great week. I enjoy your earthiness and do give a s#%t about you 🙂

    Hugs and love ,


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