No Joke!

I _so_ wasn’t in any mood for April fools jokes today.   I have a Facebook app that notifies me when any of my Facebook friends either deactivate their Facebook profiles or un-friend me.   I was frankly startled this morning when it informed me that four people I like and chat with regularly are no longer on my friends list.    It was strange   I looked at each of their profiles and noted the friend button continued to be displayed at the upper right.   It took me a long time to happen to look at the screen where it told me it was just an April fools joke.

Ron tells me I’m suffering hypersomnia.   I really have been sleeping a lot lately.   Just when it seemed as though I had finally gotten back into the habit of sleeping all night,  I’ve found myself sleeping all night,  waking up for a few hours and then going back to bed and sleeping most of the day.   I’ve resolved that as soon as my money comes in this month I’m going to go back to see the doctor and try to get back on my insulin and pills.     I know the seroquel will at first knock me out and I’ll sleep for a couple of days but after that I’m hoping it will help finally ease me past this nasty depression.    And then next month (May 1st) I start on Medicare and hope to be on all of my medicines regularly again.

Here’s hoping that most of the April fools jokes you’ve encountered haven’t been at your expense and that your new month is off to a good start.    I’m going back to bed and will see you whenever I wake up.


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