An Irregular Routine

I was so pleased with the comments and reactions to my recent post about routines.   I know my friends are absolutely right when they say routines really are essential for most business and professional success.  (In retail,  keeping always to announced hours is extremely important;  customers have to be able to count on a store being open when it is scheduled to be.)    Honestly,   I consider myself very much blessed to be retired and not have to keep to any set schedule.   I also appreciated a friend’s suggestion,  in response to another post,  that I might not really need to reply to every comment on every post.   Yet I continue trying my darnedest to do so.

I seem to have gotten into sort of a routine where I write these posts in the hour or two before 5pm my time,  when the server advances to the next calendar date.   Some posts, obviously, are better than others.   Yesterday,  I really struggled to put up that little anniversary post.   I did not promote that post and received only one comment.    I am still working to catch up on comments,  so I probably will not promote this post either.   I am hopeful that by tomorrow afternoon I will have gotten caught up on replying to comments and then can hopefully write a meatier post and promote and try to keep the discussions going.   It occurred to me that on these days when I am behind in replying to comments and posting such in-substantive posts I am rather like Jerry Seinfeld creating a blog about nothing.  On the other hand,  Seinfeld’s television show was a huge hit that ran for many, many years.   It seems to me I could do a whole lot worse.


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