A Year On The Avenue

“Ain’t the years gone by fast…I suppose you have missed them.”

Time flies when you’re having fun.   This morning when I logged in on Empire Avenue, a pop advised me that today is my one year anniversary.   And what a year it has been.   I’ve met so many amazing people,  learned so much about social media and written and published Walking Down The Avenue,  a concise and helpful guide for newcomers on the site.   I am still analyzing the changes the Empire Avenue team recently introduced to the site.   I believe that removing the confusing and not really important indices was a good move.   I continue to experiment with and learn about missions.   I expect I will be ready to release a new updated version of the book in about a month.

It seems I was right that yesterday was just a bit of a high point or reprieve in a depression that very much seems to be continuing on today.   I slept from about 9pm until about 5am,  but have felt tired and listless all day today.    So I am listening to some great music from America.   And hoping that this finds things going better in your world today.


2 comments on “A Year On The Avenue

  1. It’s been a week. What can I say? Mea culpa and happy anniversary. 🙂 Why did I think you’d been on the Avenue LONGER than I have been?? Oh, yeah, maybe because you wrote a BOOK about it! 🙂

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