Having Fun

 I strongly suspect that I have not actually cycled up yet.   That the good day I had today was more or less just a high point or reprieve in a depression that will continue once I finally go to sleep and wake up again.   I’ve been up for about 28 or 30 hours as I type this.    I actually first went to bed around 9pm last night,  but I couldn’t fall asleep.   And my very thick winter beard  (untrimmed since sometime in the fall) started to itch.    I went to the bathroom,  took a hard look at my face in the mirror and fetched the clippers from the cabinet.

I started at the longest setting, nine,  and clipped my beard away,  going over and over my face while turning the setting a notch closer every now and then.    I used the clipper without the attachment to remove most of my beard,   though I did leave a short mustache and goatee.    I did not in fact actually shave my face,  so there is a layer of stubble on my cheeks and neck.    But I felt ever so much better after my beard trim and shower.    When I came out of the bathroom,   I put on some fresh clothes and rather than try to go back to bed,  logged on to my laptop.     Around 1:30 am,  a good friend who lives just a couple of miles away invited me to come over.     So I spent the night staying up at my friend’s house.      We had a lot of fun hanging out together and I did not come home until after 9am.

I am frankly pleased with myself for getting out of the house.   And thankful that I have such a good friend who lives so nearby.   And whose hours are just as irregular as mine are,  such that I was able to have a great visit and so much fun while most everyone else in this part of the world was asleep.      I really do cherish all of my friends,   both the ones I speak with online and the ones I see face to face.   And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being one of them.

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24 comments on “Having Fun

  1. I wore a beard for the longest time. Then one day my wife notice a gray hair. It was at that time i found out that if I kept it trimmed the few gray strains turned invisible from a far. Well somewhere between 45 and 50 I crossed the line. Nothing short on a blade would eliminate the white.

    I am guessing by the time I turn 60 I just won’t care.

    • I’m 47. My beard is completely white. (the hair on top of my head is still brown). I’m vain in some ways but honestly? I’m proud of my years and do not want to look young again 🙂

  2. This is really tantalising, Libdrone, I would love to see a photograph of you – preferably before and after, but I would settle for either ! 🙂
    But if you’re really camera-shy, I will just have to learn to curb my impatience…
    I think there’s nothing more delicious than having a facebook or other live-chat with someone you have never met offline but with whom you share your insomnia.
    My friend is a classically-educated gay priest from Oxford who shares my love of words, come to think of it you would like each other I think. Unfortunately he doesn’t twitter. This is rather a ramble, sorry, but it’s not really late enough for me…Goodnight sweet prince!

    • Laura, I’m not actually all that shy about having my picture taken. I simply have no talent for taking photographs myself. If you look on my Facebook profile, I do have one picture of me included somewhere.

  3. Couldn’t fall asleep more or less everyone has this problem sometimes. In that case I do walk around for 10 to 20 minutes then again go to bed and got very good result. Thanks a lot to sharing !!.

  4. We all need companionship. I moved away from my family years ago, its only recently i realised it was a mistake.

    • Emma, I think it’s probably different for each individual. For me, it is no accident that I live thousands of miles away from where I grew up and where most of my family remain.

  5. So glad you had a good night 🙂 And I am happy that we are friends although we haven’t met in real life.. This is real life too!

  6. Wow, it’s been a long time since I stayed up all night and it wasn’t due to insomnia. I mean I’ve woken up at 1:30 am and not been able to go back to sleep but that’s way different from going over to a friend’s house at that hour to talk and do stuff. I’d probably get there and THEN fall asleep. ; )

  7. You and my Mum should get together Alan, she’s 94 and up at all hours, unfortunately she’s technology averse – has bad energy slumps from EMP etc. I just get too tired to stay up but I’m able to have a power nap and keep going if needed. done that a couple of times on EA given the time difference between here and there. Maybe I should look for you online more often given the time difference your night is our day etc. Meantime, keep well.

  8. Hanging out in person with friends: what a concept! Remember when people used to go “visiting” on Saturdays and Sundays? When many of one’s friends weren’t half a world away? My parents practiced religiously on Saturday and Sundays (as well as going for “drives” – another outmoded concept. Despite those days of yore, I’m thinking it’s all good. Now I can go for walks. And communicate with friends far away every day.

    As for the beard, Can’t wait to see pics. You saw me whack my long hair off a month or so ago; though I’m not sure everyone believes it, my head it lighter and happier now. Hoping you feel the same about the beard (scruffy gud)! Cheers!

  9. I do about the same thing. Both same things, really.

    As a matter of loose habit, RazorDay is about once a week, though I take the occasional week off. I used to use a literal razor, but this century I’ve mostly just been using the trimmer on the electric razor and mowing things down to about a millimetre; it seems pointless to go through MachIII blades when it’ll all just grow back again within a few hours.

    And a typical day for me is around thirty-six hours. Then I pass out and sleep for about four. I’d argue that sleeping is a waste of time, but yesterday [which started on Sunday] I just played videogames all day; I started a new savefile for LegoStarWars and, by the time I was tired of that, the counter was up to 22:09:37.

    Sleeping only ten percent of the time sounds more impressive if I actually *do* something that day.

  10. 47 and white already ? Come on Alan. Less tension and stress. Glad that there’s someone close by. I have now come upon a friend who was my high school senior after 12years and now walks jogs drinking green tea have all made me fresh and less stressful. Cheers

  11. I have nights where I can not sleep, but it usually from my mind racing from thoughts that will not rest. Then I have pain running through my legs and up my back that will not stop and that makes it hard to rest. I can relate. Do not relate with the beard, but can understand depression and not wanting to to do anything. Hope you had a good visit with your friend.
    I think having Facebook and blogs and the EA keeps us up too much, and our mind going longer than it should. I do hope that you will be feeling better. No that your background pictures makes me hungry. You have a way of doing that to me with your photos.

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