A Chicken On A Treadmill

This is not really a humorous post.    If you’re looking for something funny about a chicken on a treadmill,  click the picture to read a funny post.   I’ve really been struggling this week to get these posts up on time.    While I have not yet missed a deadline,  I do seem to be getting down to the wire almost every day.

I think that the worst of my depression may have passed,  and I have been more active in social media the last couple of days.    I have finally caught up with replying to all of the comments received, and so will promote this post and try to get some more comments.     Though I have to wonder what my friends will say.

I knew going in that publishing a new blog post every day in 2012 might prove very challenging.   Part of me is very proud of the fact that I am almost one quarter of the way into the year and I haven’t missed a day yet.    The rest of me knows how many hours I’ve spent with this darned compose window open,  struggling to find the words to fill this space.   In that humorous post,  Daisy tells a story about a chicken who goes to the gym.   The chicken can’t reach the controls to turn the treadmill on.    So he goes to the exercise bikes and peddles madly.   I was tempted to question how the chicken with two inch legs managed to pedal an Exercycle, or even why she could not flap her wings to fly up to switch the treadmill on.   But since I was kind of really scratching to come up with this post,  and I did think the picture was cute,  I set aside those objections and decided to just run with it.

My bipolar cycles are long, rather than short.  Unlike cyclothymics who  cycle rapidly,  it usually takes several weeks to cycle,  although I have come to realize that there are ups and downs within each cycle. So I am a little bit up,  but still in the down cycle.   Which makes me fear that I will continue to struggle to write these posts before my daily deadline.  I am grateful to you for reading this.   And I really will try to come up with something better than a cheap chicken joke for tomorrow.


34 comments on “A Chicken On A Treadmill

  1. Alan, why did the chicken cross the road? Why did you set yourself this task for 2012? Continue friend and see where it takes you, even if you feel you are rambling, this reader does not. This reader appreciates the effort, the humour, the honesty that you put into your musings. Carry on and I’ll there with you. BTW, did you know I’m dyslexic and I just turned 16. Great isn’t it.

    • Tom, I think I set this task myself because I really did want to see if I could do it. Some days it really is a struggle, yet I strongly suspect that if I succeed, once it is done I will be quite rightfully proud of this accomplishment.

  2. You are doing great !! This is true life is a mixed combination of depression and happiness !! Thanks to share with us !!

  3. Hmmm… Why not humorous? I sure had a giggle when you “decided to just run with it”… 🙂 I could see you on that treadmill together with the chicken.

    Respect for your goal, sticking to that and making it work. Also for the way you’re sharing what’s happening in your life. I’m pretty sure that’s helpful for people that experience likewise cycles. Good luck with what you’re creating here Alan!

  4. You are doing well Alan, and always know that you are among friends. There is most definitely nothing wrong with humour, and the chicken jokes. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

  5. not sure how you’ve managed a blog a day! I too suffer from illness and that means I have many days where the thoughts just don’t come, or they arrive all too late for the moment. Then other days I’m way to quick for my own good!
    I enjoy reading your blogs, if not for your suffering but for the positivity you have in the face of hardship.
    I wish you well and think that chickens are just plain funny without placing them on the treadmill! Oh and look up rose veal – it’s such a great food source that so often is misunderstood

    • Nick, I’m retired. The daily blogging is about the only thing I have to do each day. I honestly would not try to do this daily blog if I had a job or other obligations.

  6. Hi Alan,

    I have always enjoyed a good chicken joke and just the look of that little red hen standing on the treadmill made me laugh. BTW, I think I know why she’s keen to exercise Alan. She’s looked down and seen all these nice meaty chicken legs on your blog page and decided she’ll need to get fit fast if she’s going to make a run for it.

    Sending love and hugs to you Alan. I think you are doing incredibly well, your writing is always a delight to read, and I am very proud to call you my friend.


  7. I wrote nice comment, but then ask me for log in in my WP account, I forget password, and… it’s all finish that my comment gone.
    Any way, I remember that I wrote that is good to set up a goals. It helps you to do something. And if you miss a day, don’t worry, we will forgive you

    • Leo, I share your frustration with computers and websites at times. In my own experience Google is the absolute worst about interrupting me and leading me down a long path to nowhere when I am busy trying to DO something.

  8. I struggle with anxiety disorder and my empathy is yours. Enjoy the days and weeks to the fullest when you can. I really enjoy your posts and your #Definethis. Its a pleasure knowing you!

  9. Alan, I think you need to appreciate what an ambitious goal you’ve set for yourself. It is one thing to write every day of the long year. But to publish a blog post every single day, with no days off? And I’m not talking about reposting a quote or photo but a thought-out, original blog post? Few people take this on.

    Give yourself a break. I’m not saying abandon your goal, just realize that it is not going to be easy. Many days, you won’t feel like doing it. You might try writing a few blog posts ahead of time you can post should you wake up one day and just not “feel it”. I know several successful bloggers who write 3 or 4 blog posts at a time and just schedule them to be posted throughout the week. There is no shame in writing while the iron is hot and taking a break when you’re energy is low.

    And, lastly, do not feel an obligation to respond to every comment on your blog. I mean, it’s nice to know that you will read this comment, think about what I said and offer a response. But I really don’t expect you, too. It’s nice but time-consuming and can feel like a burden when you are already setting up a goal of posting every day. I think that is a big enough task to take on without feeling a responsibility to reply to every comment.

    • Liz, Thanks so much for your thoughtful and kind words. I know you are right that this really is a challenging challenge I have set for myself. And I know that it is possible that there may be circumstances beyond my control which may prevent me from meeting this challenge. What I really need some day real soon now is to cycle back into my manic mode and write a whole bunch of posts and schedule them ahead, to have for the depressed days when I just don’t feel it.

  10. Give yourself a break; if you need a break, then just take it! Don’t think so much! 🙂

    I know how you are at your best with trying to post daily and you are doing really well! Miss a day and come back and post twice! 🙂

    • Mmmm. “miss a day, then come back and post twice” That’s not bad advice, Hajra. The terms of the challenge as I set it are that I can post in advance at any time, using the scheduling function in WordPress. I can also write a post and just press publish. But I can never use the scheduling function to give a post a date earlier than when I actually post it. In some strange way, having and keeping to the rules is what makes it fun 🙂

  11. You are doing great Alan. If you need a break, have one.

    You set yourself a might tough task ! Your posts are quality. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

    Warm wishes from Spain, Ed

    • Yes. I know from experience that this too shall pass. I will have to try to learn patience until it does. Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting, John.

  12. You and I could have an interesting conversation about why the proportion of bloggers with bipolar disorder is markedly higher than in the general population (I ought to know – I am a fellow sufferer). Cool, chill out and we’ll regroup when you are on the up. 🙂

    • Laura, perhaps some day we will get the opportunity to sit down and have a nice long chat. I am honestly fascinated by your observation that bi-polars are more likely to blog than the general population.

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