I Love Pintrest. But I don’t want another one.

I genuinely like Pinterest.   I have boards of gorgeous pictures,  and I add more all the time.    Occasionally  I edit a pin to point it somewhere I want it to point to,  but mostly I just leave the pins pointing to wherever I noticed the image in the first place.     I try hard to be fair about using pictures that are not mine,  though I admit sometimes I just scrape images,  and link them to the blog they appeared on before.    The number of complaints I’ve received so far–  one.    And that person didn’t actually want me to take it down,  just wanted me to cite it properly.     No problem.    Full disclosure– I am what the lawyers would call judgement proof.   The image owner could sue me but would never collect a thing.      Pinterest might not be such a great thing for you.   But as I say all the time,  you have to tailor your social media plan to your particular needs and goals.

It really frustrates me the way any time a team has a bit of a success,  there are suddenly 100 teams trying to duplicate what they just did,  and by and large all of the ME TOO products seem horrible and useless to me.    Pinterest came up with a clever and distinctive interpretation  of what could have been just the  zillionth book marking site or photo gallery site.    I have to say that I was honestly appalled that the Empire Avenue team included in it’s update a very Pinterest looking page that channels the blog and social media rss traffic of all of your shareholders and those you hold shares in.   This same information has always been available on  each persons’ profile page.   What I don’t like about the new eav page is what I found I didn’t like about the social CRM software I tried out a while back.   While I love the theory of being able to see all of my streams in one place,  the fact of it is I currently manage different social networks using different tools and my first reaction to having every last tweet, facebook msg, stauts update,  etc etc etc all dumped into one big stream….was OMG,  how can I focus on anything with all this jumbled together.  My friend  Nakeva on the other hand found real utility in that program and gave me some good advice for setting it up.   Different tools for different purposes and different people.   The right tool I do believe is the one that works well for YOU.

My other thought is that it appears they are completing eliminating the indices.   This is a good move in that being listed in a particular index  (I’ve been CEO of Games, Social for a while) gave some pathetically small bragging rights to a handful of CEO’s but contributed nothing to the game play nor the user experience.    That will be a long section I can just delete from the book,  while I will have to write a lot more about missions.


38 comments on “I Love Pintrest. But I don’t want another one.

  1. I’m really loving the missions aspect of EAv. While I know there are always going to be some people out there who take advantage, my experience with them has been positive so far. I’ve even gained a number of investors this week, in addition to having my message spread far and wide on Twitter.

    However, I’m with you on the new format — ugh. I had a certain way of working with EAv, and I’ve had to change my approach as a result of the changes. No one likes change — even creative me! 🙂

    Great post as usual, Alan!

    • The missions have definitely been very useful to me, for driving traffic to this blog and for recruiting folks to play #definethis with me on Twitter. I have found though that, getting lots of people to tweet about URL or a chat, drives very little if any traffic to the targets. Thanks so much for stopping by today, Susan.

  2. Great post Alan!

    Not sure what to make of the EAv “Engage” page. Yes, I see it’s a tad bit ripping off Pinterest, but just a small wee bit. Not sure I like it or dislike it yet. It’s got a good basement level, let’s see the floors they stack on top of it.

    Hootsuite and Tweetdeck were saviors for me. I would not be able to wrap my arms around SM sites I am on without one of them. If EAv could go in that direct I would be a huuuuuuuuggggggeeeeeeeee fan of the change!

    As far as Pinterest goes, I find it a perfect fit for my niche, photography. So much so that Flickr will not receive a single dime from me going forward. G+ and Pinterest are perfect spots for photogs to show their stuff !!!

      • Not at all. All my photos have some sort of watermark, and they are low res so I don’t have an issue with it at all. Rare that I pin my photos w/o a watermark . . .if I own them, a few are public domain as they are of others artwork.

        Once you post a pic on the net, you have to realize if someone wants it bad enough, they are going to get it. So I choose to put low grade stuff out there, I just make sure that the low resolution doesn’t hurt the product.

        BTW – why is WP being funky with my email? A potato ? Really? lmao 🙂

  3. Are the indices actually being removed? I got the feeling they were concidering how they’ve burried them.

    I like being CEO of vitual reality 😀

  4. As always my first line shall be the usual “Great post”. The new EAv design is not to my liking and definitely the Engage option is at the top of that dislike list. I love change but not this type for sure. And as for Pinterest I haven’t gone into it yet. I am not a big pics/photos guy so … Not sure. For the moment EAv – with a heavy heart … Have built lots of good connections (you included) and cannot leave now …

    • The changes were mostly cosmetic and I do like the way they are trying to focus more on engagement. But….I worry they may leave behind the gamers, who have been such a huge part of EAv up to now. I also definitely think the interface needs further adjusting.

  5. I’m digging pinterest.com, oddly enough. I’m male and straight, so I’m not really the target market for most pinners; but I tend to pin and repin whatever happens to amuse me.

    With EAv, I’m still not thrilled with the aesthetics of the rewrite. I get that there’s some additional functionality now; I don’t hate the little box to the left telling me who bought what and when. But now I’ve lost the running total for my net worth and my exact current shareprice from the index.

    I’m not sure what CEOs get. As far as I know [I haven’t looked since things were redesigned], I’m still CEO of Comics, or something; I do a daily webcomic, so that seemed like a good match. I guess I’ll have to go look around and see what’s happened with all that now.

    • Actually, Gremlin it appears to me the deleted the indices entirely. I have hunted and hunted and see no evidence they are still there in the new version. And honestly? Bragging rights is all that Empire Avenue CEO’s have ever gotten.

  6. I am one of the few it seems that is still on the old EAV. It is not because I don’t want to try the new version, it is simply that I don’t have the option. It may have been offered to me on a box I ‘x’ed out of before reading all of it. I imagine that one day the switch over will be mandatory and I will finally get to have a real opinion on it.

    • Except for a test account that I set up largely to see the new interface, I am still on the old version too. But I’m sure sooner or later we will all get automatically moved.

  7. I am still using the old EA. I like it. The me too concept is not likely to be very effective for EA, as it’s not all that effective at all in the proliferation of dead social media sites that strew the internet landscape. EA is both a game and a social media site. The management must not lose sight of the game aspect, or the players will vanish too.

    • Wayne, it has longed seemed to me that there are kind of three groups of players….folks playing EAv as a game, folks using EAv as a social network to meet and interact with people and folks using EAv as a social media monitoring tool, to evaluate their participation on other networks. I believe that a lot of the success they’ve enjoyed so far is due to having these different types of players. I agree that changes that cause any of the three groups to drop out would be very bad for EAv.

  8. I am not particularly fond of the new Empire set up nor am I fond of the new Pinterest profile format released today. I loved all the windows showing up for each board. It left room for a lot of creativity.

      • Yes I am truly disappointed. I think the windows were very attractive!

  9. I have just started to learn some about the sites and suddenly I have to re-organize my mindsets! But I am familiar to persistent changes and challenges so will try my best to keep and catch up!

    Thanks by the way for your interesting shares and inputs!
    Have a nice w-e!

  10. I’m just learning how to use Pinterest and I have barely gone there to pin and repin a few photos. I noticed yesterday they have a new dashboard to help. Okay, one more thing to learn. Maybe all of this social media will keep our brains engaged so we won’t get memory disconnect. Not sure I like the change of EA I was being timed out of missions yesterday and got taken from 4 missions that I bought in on people, but didn’t get the eaves, suddenly I was ineligible, after I bought the eaves, which was the mission. Go figure.
    I mean it isn’t real money just our time. But social engagement shouldn’t be about frustration, and I quit yesterday during my break and didn’t come back until last night when I was ready to fight the good fight again.
    I did turn in two support tickets.
    Change is never easy but they say it helps us grow.

    • Michelle, I try pretty hard only to do social media that is fun for me. If I can manage to be effective and still have fun every day…..that would be win/win for me 🙂

  11. Michelle is absolutely right in everything she says – she beat me to it what a smart lady!
    I enjoyed EA more earlier when we had the indices, in itself a small community with (I thought) some harmless friendly competition. I don’t like the Engage page, where I end up having to read lots of stuff I am not interested in because there are things on the page that I am. Grumble, grumble, grumble. Not a happy bunny.

    • Laura, part of the problem was that the indices really weren’t communities. There was no message board, no built in means of communication among members of an index. (That some communities had identical names to some indices was a very confusing complication.) But the indices were never anything more than a listing of users by EAv activity score that had chosen that particular index tag.

    • Andy, I agree that the new interface definitely needs some tweaking. I hope that the EAv team will look to continue adjusting it as we provide them with feedback about what does and doesn’t work.

  12. Indexes do exist: Upper Left Column – Indexes – then upper right hand side of the new window is a pull down menu of all indexes.

    Signed – Pinterest Junkie who HATES the “Engage” page except the Recent boxes. Those I use.

    • Upper left column on what screen, Sarah? I have looked and looked and looked and can not find them in the new interface. (And was honestly glad they’d been eliminated.)

  13. just don’t find the time for it I’m afraid and to date, not one follow through to our website. I think I’ll use it more when our online business starts but again it’s another place to go and spend time that would be better spent actually selling!

    • Nick, you’re certainly right that social media can be very time consuming and you may also be right that your own goals might be better served focusing your time on direct sales. IMHO, the real value of Pinterest is the ability to create backlinks. Traffic is a completely different issue 🙂

  14. Do you know how relieved I am to read that someone else does not like having all the social media streams dumped in one place as with Tweetdeck or Seesmic. Good as they are I find them overwhelming. I can handle having multiple tabs open for 4 or 5 social media sites and switch between them but not all on one page.

    I thought it must be an age thing, thanks Alan for letting me know I am not completely mad.

    • I know folks who sometimes have a hundred tabs open at the end of a long work day. I inevitably seem to crash my computer when I open more than a dozen tabs or so. You definitely are Not the only one that doesn’t like all the streams mixed into one. I do use Tweetdeck to manage three Twitter accounts, but Twitter accounts are the only thing that feeds into my Tweetdeck. And I never tried Seesmic.

  15. I personally love the idea of having all my social media in one spot…so far haven’t really find a solution yet that works for me.

    As for pinterest…the allure is starting to wear off. I LOVED it at first, but, how many times do I need to see the Mason jar soap dispenser?

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