Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Private conversations are the most important ones,  I’ve come to believe.     I know I’ve written recently that “any idiot can raise an amen chorus”  and I certainly don’t mean to disparage public conversations–  heck,  this blog has been all about public conversations–  but any real professional knows that private conversations online is where business really happens.   Whether it’s discussing future plans with a mentor,  re-hashing a major event with another participant or joking and daydreaming and just being friends,  private conversations are where any good social networker will invest a lot of their time.

I finally managed to steal a glimpse of the new Empire Avenue interface.   So they borrowed a designer from Pinterest to  make a graphical display of your Tweetstream.   Excuse me while I have a nice long YAAAWWWNNN.    I’ve yet to reach any judgment about the value or the utility of the  Empire Avenue changes,   but my first reaction is that they are  hardly game changing and will not require a great deal of revisions in the next  release of    Walking Down The Avenue.      However, a private conversation this morning,  in addition to alerting me to sneak a glance at EAv’s new interface  helped me to conceive  a great marketing innovation for the next release of the book.       Those  who pay a lot of attention to me and my web presence may note that the new account I created on Empire Avenue yesterday has nothing at all to do with Walking or its promotion and is actually about a new project I am conceiving  that is related to bullying and online reputation.     I’m not ready to publicly announce any more than that at this time.

I’ve said many times that the only constant is change,  and nothing in my life experiences so far causes me to in any way doubt this maxim,  which I believe is equally true in business,  in social media and in human life generally.     I find myself getting genuinely excited about writing and selling the next release  of Walking,   even as I continue blogging every day and trying real hard to have lots of public conversations here on my blog  (go say Happy Birthday to my friend Hank NOW if you haven’t already 😉  and think that my new project could be a lot of fun,  and a way to earn a bit of profit.     Life feels good to me this Monday morning.     I hope it feels good in your world as well  and that you have a great week ahead.


29 comments on “Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

  1. Gave Hank a Happy Birthday, and I’m glad to know that you are launching a new venture. With the new EA I have had new conversations this weekend as well with new EA members trying to figure out how to make things work. Change is something we all must live with, but sometimes things should not always change if they are working.
    Not sure that I like the new things, but maybe that is why I’m here to understand the new. Thanks for all that you are doing for us.

    • I am only seeing the new interface on a test account. Not sure why I don’t have it on my main account. It’s possible the Pinterest like info wall would be much more useful if it were showing data from all of the sharenolders and folks I hold shares in on my primary account….the test account I created yesterday has only a handful of shareholders and has invested in only a very few people. But it seems to me it is merely representing data from other social networks that Empire Avenue has streamed in various formats to us all along. I think I can understand their reasoning for creating this new look and trying to focus their user base on Engagement. I like the idea of engagement as the focus of social media a great deal better than I like the new interface 🙂

  2. I agree with Anne – it’s a great graphic!
    Also I am wondering whether my vague irritation at Empire Avenue for all the changes is just that I don’t like change or whether we are really going to be missing out on aspects that have been dropped. I’m flat out in the middle of a campaign at the moment, so it is particularly annoying to have to spend time working out where Empire Avenue has put everything! Tsk, Tsk!

    • Laura, I think that most people tend not to like change in websites, particularly when they have become accustomed to and comfortable using something as a tool the way it is. IMHO, any urge to re-design anything that bears on functionality and usability must carefully weigh perceived potential benefits against the costs inherent in user resistance, resentment and learning curve.

  3. Sometimes it’s hard for me to favor change, like when a website changes their design. Until I can figure out where everything has been moved I would much rather go back to the old design.

    • I think that change does frighten and put off many people. But I also know that it is something that all of us must deal with from time to time. Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting.

  4. I have seen so much, lived through many lifetimes in my short 51 yrs.
    I happen to agree with “the only constant is change”

  5. Every changes at the beginning looks like little bit tough or doesn’t want to accept well; this is human nature also mine as well as some others. But I do believe on every changes must have update that are more enjoyable when I will understand well. Its takes some time but once realized I may say that; yes the new one good then earlier even though I didn’t accepted willingly. However, now a days am hearing a word that has confused me also don’t know what is the meaning of that; fortunately you have also mentioned here. Hope I will be able to know that soon !! Thanks for the great article; wishing you all the best !!

  6. Thanks for your ideas. Sometimes I like change and sometimes I dont have the time to learn something new at that moment. Not really fear, just a distrust of knowing that I will have to adapt!

  7. I wage a battle with those around me to change for the better. Problem is many just follow practices given to them without thinking analyzing to see if it makes sense. Damn. Such a nice article this is. Thanks so much. People must realize that change is the essence of civilization.

  8. The new UI: it think we will look into what other people are doing – but doesn’t give me what I had hoped for: less clicks to access and do things. Writing about this problem, and the bigger issue of how reward should really be scalable, in 2 days, on my blog.

    • I will look forward to reading your post, Saul. I am only on the new interface on a test account, and trying to mostly reserve judgment. Hope it was a great weekends for you.

  9. Slap me for putting on the “master of the obvious” hat…

    Change can either be good or bad. Change for the point of change is not necessarily a good thing.

    Think most of us has had enough of being pandered to with empty threats of hopium and changium.

    • Slapping costs extra 🙂 I agree certainly that change can be good or bad, and that change for its own sake may be a terrible idea. But I still think change is constant.

  10. Change, yup scary and good all at the same time. In my previous career I was the Manager of Change, aka “The Hated One”.

    If I find a change that gets me frustrated I think of this:

    If there were no changes, ever, we’d all be driving Model T’s
    It would take 3 weeks to drive from Cleveland to Palm City, or Vegas
    We wouldn’t be reading your post
    We probably wouldn’t know each other
    I surely wouldn’t have a digital camera
    Wouldn’t be able to watch NASCAR, the Browns, Discovery channel etc.
    And dreams would be dead

    Change is scary at first, but then it becomes the norm and the circle starts over again.

    (This reply may be the result of the current Rod Stewart song playing at the moment 😉 )

    BTW, the ugliest change I witnessed in my online life . . . BC

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