Happy Birthday Hank!!

I like birthdays.   I like cakes.  (and pies and cookies and  fruit and veggies and seafood and meat and And AND…)   Unlike my good friend Henry Plumley,  I am not in fact a football fan.   (A native of Cleveland,  Hank is a long time Browns fan.)   My antipathy towards organized sports dates back to the first grade,  when Coach Butch herded all the 6 year olds onto the field to begin teaching us the rudiments of football.   Those of us who were clumsy and slow to understand and execute his instructions,  often got screamed at along the lines of  “what’s that matter with you, boy,  are you a pussy or a faggot or something”?    Walking, swimming and sex are the only potentially strenuous activities I’ve ever really enjoyed.   And I don’t even watch sports.

I am also not a big fan of Las Vegas and the southwest.    I drove through northern Nevada years ago en-route from Boston to Seattle when I made my cross country move.    I did spend a night in Reno and dropped a few quarters in a few slot machines (wow, they were Everywhere) but I had no interest in visiting the casinos and did little more adventurous than linger til check-out time the next morning watching a movie on HBO in my motel room,  before setting out for the California Bay Area,  where I visited a friend before heading up the yellow brick freeway I-5 to the Puget Sound region which I am happy to say I now believe is where I belonged all along.

Hank and I don’t actually have all that much in common.  We come from different parts of the US and hope to live the rest of our lives in very different areas.    We’ve never worked in any of the same industries,  so far as I know.    We share some tastes in music,  though not all musical tastes by any means.    Hank is a brilliant photographer who is busy making a name for himself professionally.   Please note that both the Las Vegas and Cleveland images are (c)2011 by Hank Plumley,  all rights reserved.    Just click on either image if you’re interested in seeing more of or possibly buying some of Hank’s great work.    As I’ve mentioned recently,  and certainly proved repeatedly  I have about zero talent for taking photographs.  To whatever extent I write well,  writing is definitely where my talents lie.    Hank and I are about as opposite as two guys can be.   And yet we’re good friends,  in that we’ve found we share a few common interests, experiences and perspectives.    I talk to Hank several times a week and we share this, that and who shot the cat.   Talking about our lives, our hopes and fears and sometimes even our dreams and nightmares.     If you have time,  you might want to check out Hank’s web site.     And if you would,  pretty please,   leave a comment below and wish Hank a Happy Birthday.  (Yep Hank’s birthday is March 11th.)

Hank says he doesn’t think he’s nearly as popular as Holly Jahangiri.   While Hank is a few days younger than Holly,  I do believe he is every bit as popular.    So please do wish him a Happy Birthday.   Here’s hoping you have a most excellent weekend.


87 comments on “Happy Birthday Hank!!

  1. Happy Birthday Hank I discover we have something in common in addition to EA and being friends with Alan. The cake gave it away – its football or nearly football you call my version Soccer we call your version confusing! So what is it that is in common well its Randy Lerner he owns Aston Villa a UK Premiership Football (my) team as well as your beloved Browns.

    In recent posts on Alan’s great blog I have mentioned differences in the use of English language – no right minded mother in the UK would saddle their offspring with the name Randolph as your shortened version Randy is our equivalent of Horny!

    • LMAO !

      I’ve tried to watch soccer, but just can’t get into it. Tad confusing without knowing the rules. Sometimes the matches(is that correct?) seem more like pro wrestling with the flopping around!

      I do admire the athletes though, could never keep up with them at all! My body was made for American football.

      Go Browns !
      Go Aston Villa ! 😉

  2. Happy Birthday Hank – I live in the Cleve/Burgh area – understand your frustration with the Browns – hope they have a better season this yr

  3. Hank! You of the keen eye and huge lens, so glad you were born! May we all take a moment to thank Hanks parents for understanding how to properly celebrate Flag Day!

    Happy Birthday!

    • Wow, Hank. You really ARE on a path to out-Holly, Holly 🙂 I am sincerely grateful to you for thanking each and every one of your well wishers, buddy. Most days I try to respond to every comment I receive but Holly’s birthday part a week or two back made me cry Uncle, and I was so grateful to her for all of the many, many replies she posted to comments on that post. I kind of really don’t want to become known as the Happy Birthday blogger. But I really have found that asking folks to wish a friend a happy birthday is a Great way to draw a whole bunch of comments to a post. Oh, and Happy Birthday Hank!

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