Flaky (My new tabby is…)

It’s not entirely unfitting that my two least favorite web services,  Klout and Disqus  both persist in using some ancient Twitter data and showing my name as outofit.    Outofit was a handle I adopted on my first MUD.  It was simply a description of how I felt each time I typed  telnet:quark.gmi.edu 5150 at a Unix prompt to participate in what was just a game,  yet one that would quite change my life.

Change happens.   I’ve said many times that change is the only constant in any online community.   And it does seem to me that most of us learn and grow a bit more, most every day.  My new tablet (a Cruz Velocity T301) arrived today.   I have been both awed at some of the cool new tech on display, as well as as frustrated as I have been with technology since the afternoon I struggled with AmiPro 2.0 soon after receiving my very first computer back in 1990-something and thinking that cool as it is–I do love the way the display switches from landscape to portrait depending on how you hold it– the device seems more than a bit flaky to me.

And much as I have complained about Disqus especially continuing to call me be a very old handle that I updated everywhere that I update things many many moons ago,  the new tabby leaves me feeling darned near as out of it as the Unix prompt and the method for inserting images into a document in a long forgotten also ran word processor once did.   So it is fitting that I had never actually heard of the cartoon character until I did a search for flaky + images.     While I have linked the character to a wiki page that tells a bit about him,  I’m honestly not interested enough to find out more about Flaky or find and view his cartoons.   So perhaps it’s not altogether unfitting that in some places I continue to be known as outofit.   But I must say I am looking forward to taking my tablet on the road and seriously rejoining the mobile connected.


34 comments on “Flaky (My new tabby is…)

  1. I find discuss annoying too, wouldn’t klout have both of your twitter handles? Ah I see (went and looked) … hmmm sorry ..

    • Klout claims to be scoring our social media use. I changed my handle on twitter perhaps 4 years ago. Twitter showed the change immediately and my old handle has since been taken by another user on Twitter. That Klout is relying on very old data for something as simple as the user name….seems troubling to me and does not suggest they really know what they are doing.

  2. Well said “Change happens. I’ve said many times that change is the only constant in any online community” The best is to adjust with change! Nice article !!

  3. I agree with you about klout, can’t stand it, as for Disqus I don’t use apart from when i’m forced to in order to leave a comment.
    I don’t know where I’d be without my iPhone, I’ve had it for such a relatively short period of time (well, 3 years now), but I love the connectivity and freedom of it.

    • I too only use it when trying to comment. Unfortunately some sensible people got scammed into taking that horrid comment system….Disqus is the biggest reason I don’t comment regularly on some blogs that I otherwise would. As for connectivity and freedom…..I am giving my new tablet a thorough evaluation 🙂

  4. I agree about klout. They put up things that I am really not interested in and seems to be running outdated algorithms.

    • I have written a book about and frequently talk about Empire Avenue in social media. Klout suggested people give me K’s about Electronic Arts. #FAIL Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting, John.

  5. Klout is a complete mystery as to what they deem important. They list topics for me, and for almost everyone else, that we have never once tweeted about for anything. Their algorithm is obviously both flawed and out of date. Your log in information is further evidence of that fact.

  6. I do sympathise! I rebelled about 3 months ago and tried to leave Klout. I revoked access to twitter and fb. However, as I suspected, when I returned to Klout in order to be able to give my fellow Empire Avenue members some K+s, I found they had at least a notional history and my score picked up where I had left off!

    • I do not believe if one is trying to be successful in social media that attempting to divorce oneself from Klout is a very good idea. As you found, Laura, it doesn’t really stop them from tracking you and it could as some point be quite difficult to be taken seriously if others can not find a Klout score for you. Obviously I agree with Wayne as well. Klout is the pits, though I believe the best course is to not worry too much about it an try real hard to take all Klout scores with a bit of salt 🙂

    • Just FYI, Sharon, you can delete topics that Klout has assigned for you, even if you have been given plus K’s in an unwanted topic. I did delete Electronic Arts and try to make sure that only appropriate topics are shown on my Klout profile.

  7. Sharon, LOL.

    I was an expert in Korean Cooking for a while (somewhat distressing given my life work), because of the word CHI. I meant CHIhuahua and they credited me for KIMchi.

    Such a complex program will be perfected through many years of use, until then I chuckle as I delete the topic from my list.

    The Net has a memory like an elephant and seems to make little distinction when it recalls best. Some reporter a decade plus ago said I liked in Bedford, NY. Wish I did. Can’t get that out of my stream.

    Onward we go…

    • Yea, the net has quite a memory. But elephants always seemed highly intelligent to me, which the net often does not. There is lots of false information out there, some created of whole cloth, some created mischievously and some created for nefarious motives. I think we should be able to control our streams, though honestly I haven’t figured out what changes would be required to make this so.

  8. I am not a tech person so i do not follow some of the jargon you used. However I equate this to me having a one on one with an important client and my Mom bringing out the photos of my JR prom. Think 1976 green leisure suite. YEP that bad.

  9. Hey how ya doin’ or whatever it is you say over there 🙂 Further to our past ‘language’ discussions a tabby is a Cat – us upright citizens of the UK take a tablet when we have a headache! All jesting apart the Cruz looks dinky compared to my HP Touchpad that is currently undergoing the addition of an Ice Cream Sandwich.

    My Touchpad was fantastic when I first got it and for a few more months but the the wireless side of the router died and for a few day only a wired connection was available and I was back at my PC and since well I just don’t seem to pick it (the Touchpad) up so often.

    Oh! and I love flaky pastry 🙂

    Many smile from over the pond and have a great weekend

    • How much did you actually pay for the Touchpad? (The Cruz came to US$97 including shipping….I am fully aware it is a lesser device and knew that going in 😉

      • Its a 32mb version it cost me approx US$335 but that included cover and charger stand – it was a good deal as I got it in the firesale I also recovered the equivalent of $38 in Valued Added Tax and its qualifies for 100% write off against my annual tax bill as I’m self employed.

        My son Tom a photographer got one for his business he paid even less as he got his in the first round of the firesale when no-one knew what they were 🙂

  10. Interesting little site that Klout… you either love it or hate it… others have tried to capture the scoring of your ‘social worth’ however I think crazy Klout has it made… as I said whether we love them or hate them. 🙂

    • My smart techie friends who like to talk about “the semantic web” seem to be working on sort of that problem. Though it appears to me that Klout is run by people who really aren’t as smart as my smart techie friends who talk about the semantic web 🙂 Thanks so much for your comment, Lori.

    • Flaky…is the name of the red porcupine with the dandruff-like white quills that appears at the top of this post. If you click on the picture it’s linked to a Wikipedia article about the cartoon. (It is also a word I’ve used to describe my new tablet computer 🙂

  11. wp comments eh:) cool and glad you hurled the disqus – plagued us as well “out of the box” several years ago I noticed immediately it would pull out dated avatars and user names and even their devs couldn’t tell me what to do.

    Enjoy your weekend Alan, how’s that new tab gadget working?


    • For me personally, any time I see the disqus commenting system on a blog it is a huge red flag (we don’t want you to comment here, we don’t want to give you a link). Feh. WP.com is a great fit for my particular needs at this time. I am aware of the many real advantages of self-hosted of course, but for me for now WP.com is great.

      I continue to learn more about the tablet each day. I downloaded a book yesterday and read most of it in bed last night. It seemed quite good for that use. But sometimes I try to look at FB…I tap somewhere to do something and boom the page disappears and I’m looking at my home screen. Ups and downs 🙂

  12. Klout, peer index and kred to me are like credit limit scores, calculated by people or systems who have little knowledge of our real worth or value and used as an excuse by others not to do business with us, charge us excessive interest rates or cast doubts on our social media standing. I don’t give any of them much consideration at all and certainly do not worry if mine are moving up down or sideways.

    I draw my own conclusions about the people I interact or do business with based on how they show up and how they conduct themselves on or offline.

    Alan, my better half just noticed your blog background and asked me what type of pie that is, please save me from my culinary ignorance and let me know.

    Hope you enjoy the tablet over the weekend.

    • What concerns me Peter is that reasonable people who should know better will begin to pay more attention to Klout and the others, as so many people do to the (as you correctly point out) equally flawed credit scores that rule so much of so many people’s economic lives. Today I have a southern pecan pie in the background Peter. I like this one since the black surface beneath the pie provides good contrast for my white title.

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