How To Explode Your Twitter Following

My friends who have come to know me almost certainly will not be surprised that this article really doesn’t tell you how to to what the title suggests.   My experienced blogger buddies of course will recognize the title  as a clever come on.   And my real friends on Twitter will be either amused or enlightened by what I want to share with you today.  (If they’re annoyed and #unfollow me,  they were never my friends.  No great loss.)

The other day when I visited my friend Hajra’s guest post  I couldn’t help but notice that it was on a blog that I would call too slick for it’s own good.    While it is not true that every blog out there that has the latest hot theme,  all the latest widgets and a slick design that screams  ME TOO! is filled with crappy writing that is not worth reading,   the fact is that the Slick Me Too is more often than not a sure sign there is no good writing on the site.   I’m a little embarrassed to admit this,  but by and large if I happen upon a site that looks Slick Me Too,  I may not even glance at the posts and give them a chance.    Bloggers need to realize that they often have only seconds to make a good impression and draw the reader in.     You may notice that I have a very spare theme on this blog.      I don’t have anything that flashes,  and this theme has been optimized to display well on mobile devices.

And finally today,  since I don’t want anyone to be too sore at me for drawing them here with promises of exploding Twitter tips,  I will make three suggestions for growing your Twitter following:

1.  Remember that Twitter is a conversation.    Don’t follow as many people as you can get away with.   Follow a few people and tweet to them.   Lather, rinse and repeat every day and you’ll be getting #FollowFriday ‘d in no time.

2.  Participate in hashtag chats.    No matter what your interests there is probably one and likely many hashtag chats held at scheduled times throughout the week that you could participate in.   Click the link and explore the listings.   Find a few chats that sound interesting to you and attend.   Chat with the other participants,  and follow any who interest you.   Chances are as you follow people,  some of them will follow back.

3.  If you want me to follow you,   play #definethis.      The link will take you to my Tumblr where I post the word of the day and concise instructions every day.

I do feel just the slightest bit guilty for having drawn you in here with a very slick headline,   only to warn you against too slick design and provide just a smidgen of advice that may be helpful.   And yet this combination of slick appeal,  pointed observation and common sense help really can be the essence of a successful blog.

PS– I know I was supposed to continue with the saga of Mr. Everything today,  but I’ve gotten just a bit side-tracked.    I can’t promise when I will talk more about Mr. E.    But I do promise that if you tune in again tomorrow at this time,   I will have a new post up about Something.


43 comments on “How To Explode Your Twitter Following

  1. Great read as always Alan. That’s an interesting observation you make about why a great guest post might not get read.

    Thank you for sharing that …. I hadn’t understood any of that before now.


  2. I’ve used hastags where nobody was listening, I’ve followed with no response, I’ve tweeted and got unusual replies, I’ve played #definethis and enjoyed myself, most of all though I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Thank you

  3. I hear what you’re saying – and others as well. I visited that blog to look at the post and make sure it was clear in my mind what we’re dealing with here before I commented. I didn’t read it. I saw lots of buttons, way too big font, obnoxious subheads drawing away my attention and all of that bombarding me at once made the little man that lives behind my eye (the left one) and screams at my brain start jabbing me with an icepick as punishment for the full frontal assault.

    However you draw someone in, if you bombard them with TMI too soon you tend to lose them. I don’t like sharing options at the top – how do I know I want to share something? I haven’t read it yet, and when i have I am then expected to scroll back up for them? Isn’t that a bit presumptuous that I’m just going to like and share stuff just because? Then there is that floating sharing box thing on the left of everything now that makes me feel like I’m being stalked. That’s creepy and I either feel compelled to run from it (click off the tab) or hurl obscenities at it and threaten it with a restraining order. I will get that raw!

    But back on point – If I go to a blog, particularly for the first time, and it feels like a full court press of “promote me” and worry about the actual content later – odds are I leave the blog having done nothing – no reading and certainly no sharing. I share you however. You have festive food porn backgrounds, good content, and you indulge my need to express things at length that no one is actually going to understand. I like that!

    • Mandy, the sad fact is that many blogs put the share buttons at the top because they are foolishly chasing traffic and all they really care about is getting their posts shared so that they get more traffic. But if visitors are coming to the site only to click a button, the bounce rate is going to really errr, well, ummm SUCK and they will find that the traffic does them very little good. It takes real time and effort to create a site that is attractive and sticky. And not amount of cool new widgets, poorly chosen fonts or Slick Me Too interfaces will ever substitute for that hard work. Thanks so much for stopping by today.

  4. Mandy beat me to just about everything I was going to say! I will echo the ‘food porn’, though – it bears saying twice 🙂 I always leave your blog drooling.

  5. I prefer plain site – no flash, no nothing. I’ll stop reading if there’s anything flash or distraction. That’s candy for the petty owner, not for readers.

    • Honestly, I think that more often than not it’s ignorance. A celebrity blogger puts up a widget than all of the copy/paste experts race to have the same widget, without ever stopping to ask if it really works well for their particular site.

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  7. I did get drawn in by the title however moreso because you were the author. I have only recently been exposed to your writing but even with that little exposure, thought there may be a twist to the topic which drew me in. I was right! Thanks for sharing this perspective.

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