Picture Policy

Today I am thinking that I have really gotten way too good at blogging.    Since I’ve been blogging every day in 2012,  I’ve gotten it down pretty much to a formula.    I think up a clever title.   Do an image search for the title.   Pick an image from the first page or two of the results.   Download it,  upload it, and link it to where it came from.  (And yes I know that is not exactly kosher,  but I try to choose pics that are from other blogs and count on the fact that most of them will probably be pleased to get the back link.  Heck I suspect those who check to see who linked to them may well read the post.  They could even become fans.)  Then I crank out three paragraphs,  300–500 words.   Easy, peasy.    But getting into a rut of constantly cranking out blog posts,  I am finding,  can make it really hard to write anything else.

After an amazing conversation with the very smart and very kind Gaye Crispin,  I am working on a new fiction project.   Fiction has honestly never been my forte.   While I am masterful at cranking out description and exposition,  I most always really struggle to put words in my characters mouths that sound like them,  rather than sounding like me.    While I can crank out a perfectly good blog post in less than an hour,  when it comes to fiction I write very slowly.    I don’t know how many words I’m up to but I suspect it is far less than the 300 I consider to be a minimum for a blog post.   I worry that I will work for weeks before getting to the 600 words that I usually look at as the upper limit for a blog post.  (Don’t write long blog posts.   You will get far more readers if they can get through your article in just a few minutes.)

PS–I don’t know anything at all about the company whose QR code is shown above.   But I’m positive they won’t be annoyed with me for posting it here   Scan the QR code.  The company’s name is the post title  🙂

PPS–This is my 200th post on this blog.   And whoever comments first will be my 800th comment.


2 comments on “Picture Policy

  1. Cool. I am getting ready to start posting some character word sketches and short stories for fun on my blogs. They are so clear in my mind when I first wake up, then I get busy and do other stuff! LOL

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