My Inner Blogger

Ron got his new Kindle today and looks so happy holding it in his hand and reading intently.    I find myself so very glad that he did go ahead and get it.      After some of the new has worn off I will give him a copy of Walking Down The Avenue.   Not that I would ever try to get him interested in my social networking–  we have very happily separate online lives and while we hear about each other’s friends on sites we never visit ourselves,  the fact that we don’t either of us talk to the others’ online friends is a big part of what makes our real life relationship work.

I continue to feel weird about my Internet time shifting,   writing this post for Thursday on Monday afternoon,  just before Tuesday’s post is due to go live.      Part of me feels that since I have been scrupulously honest and never tried to make folks believe that my posts are written on the date they are published,   I should just quit worrying about it  (and quit thinking about it and writing about it).   My inner experienced  blogger worries that Thursday is often the highest traffic day for most blogs and would be a great day to publish and promote a pillar post,  rather than have a personal journal entry as the post for that day.    (The part of me that’s tired and just wants to get this done says to just get on with it already.    This is a personal blog and if a personal entry is all that you feel up to doing for Thursday then so be it.   My inner blogger makes a mental note to schedule this post for Wednesday and go with a better post for the high traffic day.)

My other news today is that after a most excellent #sustainchat with the incredibly charming @organicguru June Stoyer I am seriously contemplating trying to do a small aquaponic garden on my patio.   I am thinking that if I do well with it I can then write a how to guide for what appears to be a market on the verge of booming.   That I am much more a writer and blogger than a serious #organic type will be confirmed by the fact that I am already hunting for  #brownthumb  handles and urls,  before even ordering  Sylvia’s excellent handbook to do some basic research on what would be required.


14 comments on “My Inner Blogger

  1. I try to write blog posts and schedule them for a later date to give myself a little padding, but I get too impatient and publish them. Self-discipline escapes me sometimes.

    • Since I started on this blog everyday project I’ve not suffered any impatience at all. I am already looking forward to next year when I won’t feel obliged to write a new post every day. hee hee

  2. I usually have 15-20 posts ready for my three blogs that I actually update daily – and I never feel guilt for staying ahead of the game. I like knowing I can click a button and be done, free to lazy around for while and just relax or take extra time researching something I am working on for another post. I usually dig into really weird stuff, so having a few extra hours is nice – plus I get easily sidetracked and lost in things I read chewing up half a day sometimes. And I never worry about good vs bad traffic days. My post that did 130,000 hits in 24 hours was posted on a Sunday night. I chalk it all up to magic blog goblins and desk elves and take whatever comes from it.

    If you want weird, weird is wondering whether or not cheddar cheese Chex Mix would be an acceptable cereal substitute.

    • Actually Sunday afternoon/evening can be a great time to post stuff. Lots of the folks who spent the weekend away from their puters will go online late Sunday and may be ripe for visiting a fresh blog post. (I know that weekends are supposed to be the down time in social media but I often have lots of wonderful visits on the weekends.)

  3. I write on the spur of the moment with no thoughts of scheduling of posts or less dramatically I should say “few” thoughts of scheduling. Self-discipline is something I hope to develop while I can still remember what I’m writing about..

  4. Normally I have some post quite ready. I mean I may vist exhibition and galleries twice o three times a week and stay, for different reasons, one or two weeks without a visit. Means that Sometomes I have more posts ready but I try to publish once a week.

    • mmm. The thing is, Sharon, most all of your blog’s stats can easily be manipulated. If you get into paying attention to your stats and then start manipulating them, it can be very easy to waste years on the manipulations, years that could be better spent making a better blog. I’m aware that this is counter-intuitive, but I’d really advise you to keep your focus on making a laugh out loudd funny blog and let your stats take care of themselves.

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