Random Support

Shhhh.   I tell you a secret that Mr. Everything just doesn’t get.    Being “random” with your friends does not actually, exactly come across as real friendship much of the time.   Of course randomly popping in unexpectedly and throwing real help is certainly a friend-winning move, but  being more likely to fail to show up when called, asked and needed is just not anyone’s idea of   “supportive”.     The further I go in social networking the more and more I find myself wondering if there isn’t really some upper hard limit of the number of Facebook friends one can have without turning into a Social Media Rock Star who just doesn’t get it.

I’ve long since realized that what really makes most things online go around is reciprocity.   The way to get links from nice people with great audiences is to consistently link to nice people who provide good content. This was true when I started my first blog way back then and remains true today.   Anyone who is serious about their blog will do all they can to encourage and respond to all comments to make the site a two way conversation with readers.    Consistently drawing comments and becoming known as a site where discussions will take place greatly increases page views.    It is in a sense so web publisher 101 that I remain a bit shocked that Mr. Everything  doesn’t even have comments on his blog.

But as I’ve said before it can take all kinds of FB friends to succeed in your goals on the Interwebz,  and I am genuinely proud to announce that Libdrone Books is signed up for Michael Q Todd’s #eavenar Social Media Conference,  to be held February 16th and 17th  from 12pm to 9pm  Pacific Time both days,   online.    Although the exact arrangements are not yet finalized as I write this,   the ticket will allow participants access to the teleconference website all hours on both days.   All paid participants will also receive a free copy of Walking Down The Avenue v 1.2,  the most comprehensive and up to date guide book there is for Empire Avenue.     The early bird price of only $4.95 for the two day conference and the eBook  is available only through February 8th.

14 comments on “Random Support

  1. I’m surprised to read that there would even be a blog without the option to comment… Then what’s the use of it? That turns a blog into some kind of an online newspaper – where “online” in my mind is all about interaction and engaging. Funny…

    • Mr. Everything told me that “conversation is for FaceBook”. His blog is self-hosted WP. Not sure whether he turned commenting off or what, but I know I’ve never seen a single comment on his blog.

  2. I have signed up too, looking forward to that conference. It’s all about learning from each other and supporting various initiatives.

    • I will be on #eavchat on Twitter throughout the conference and hope to be able to chat with lots of folks about their questions about social media and Empire Avenue.

  3. It kind of reminds me of how when i was little and my dad turned down this big promotion that would have come with a pretty hefty raise, “you only need so much money to live comfortably and the rest is for show.” I a lot of ways, that has stuck with me in my social networking. I don’t need 5,000 Facebook “friends”, just the couple hundred I collected over the last 5 years on there – many whom are people I I know outside of FB anyway. Why would I need 5,000 if the 200 I have are the only ones I actually want to interact with? Fora higher gaming score? Just to say I could get 5,000 “friends”? Nah, why bother? The friends I made online, I value, but I understand the relationship with many was born out of reciprocity – I do for you and you do for me. Whether it being sharing posts or playing a game, it was the back and forth. Eventually, some transcended that and became friends I just don’t get to see physically, but real friends without any doubt. You are so very right with this post – very well said.

    • You know, Mandy, I agree with you that many relationships are born of reciprocity and then go on to become real friendships. I know from experience that virtual friends are every bit as real as any other friends. I’m coming to think that understanding the benefits and limits of each relationship is key, though I definitely don’t think there are any simple answers to the questions of social media.

  4. This has to be one of the funniest promos I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy to have friends who are so much more articulate than I am! That said, I’m with Mandy F (above). Social Media folks have to choose between having “friends” or “fans”, and from what I understand, being a rockstar can be a very, very lonely place to be. 🙂

  5. Susan, you may well be right that the rock stars are ultimately quite lonely with their 5K friends and 30 or 40 intimates. I honestly can’t say. As for the funny, I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll have occasion to say it again: Humor sells.

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