Authorial Omniscience

Being the author of your own story (blog, life) certainly has its perks.   (That the author can parenthetically assure the reader that all will live happily ever after,  before even introducing some danger is for instance a huge perk.)  Those who write fiction (and are good at it) also realize that readers have real relationships with the characters they create.     Tolkein’s character Samwise Gamgee is one of the finest men I’ve ever known.  And anyone using the phrase “just a hobbit” around me should know thems fighting words.    And today I realized that I have some really great friends,  including some who are in fact fictional.

Those who read this blog consistently may remember that I try very hard to write these entries two and sometimes three days in advance.    So I was touched to wake up on Saturday to find that my post about having a Bad Day (which actually happened mind you back on Wednesday) drew responses from friends offering kindness, reassurance and companionship.   It also seemed in a way to draw (to an earlier post) a follow up reply from a fictional  dust bunny I sometimes I enjoy sparring with.   Seeing those comments rather reinforced my belief that here on the interwebz,  time doesn’t matter much,  but people and kindness do.

And finally on this Monday morning,   I will just mention that no,  this big, hairy bear did not in fact develop a shaving fetish over the weekend and somehow transform himself into a smooth, hairless girl.   I have actually taken to writing the title for each of these posts first.    I then do an image search on the exact title and pick one of the results as the image du’jour,  insert it and link it to where it came from and then write the post to fit the title and the image.   And I chose the female omniscient mainly because she was the only result on the first page that wasn’t a picture of a man who is not me.   Happy Monday, my friends.   I hope it’s a great week in your corner of the world.


19 comments on “Authorial Omniscience

    • Blogging on server time (this post was published at 12:01 am Monday morning in Some time zone where my server lives) is almost as confusing as writing in advance. You note that it’s still Sunday afternoon and other friends offer kindness and comfort for a bad day which has very much passed for me already. I’ve said that time doesn’t really exist online. And yet my recent experiences seem to prove that it does. A conundrum perhaps.

    • Sometimes, being a blog publisher can make you feel omnipotent. Not only does the blog publisher have auhtorial omniscience, he or she can change the date on any post or comment pretty much at will. Part of my ethics as a blogger is that all of the times are server time as calculated and posted by the server. (And I do try to reply to most every comment.)

    • I actually am having a pretty great day, Terri. I’m watching a Law and Order marathon on TNT, paying no attention whatsoever to the Stupor Bowl and more or less just hanging out with my nice friends. Thanks so much for stopping by.

    • hee hee. Those who know me are aware that I have lots of women friends but pretty much never develop “things” for them. Thanks so much for stopping by today, flaughed.

  1. You have an interesting way to create a blog post. Now may I have a slice of that Strawberry Pie and some nice Hot Coffee while I read your blog?

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  3. That’s a woman?? Look at those pecs…

    I’m hairy and sexless. Though now you’ve got me wondering what I’d look like underneath all this fuzz.

    According to the people at Swiffer, I’m also a second-class citizen and they think I make love to their sticky little cloths on my way to the dustbin. Yes, I watch TV now and then, but only for the commercials.

    I like you, too, Alan. But if you tweet that, I’ll deny it. Unless you can tweet it in a grammatically correct, properly punctuated sentence of exactly 140 characters. Then, I may swoon.

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