A Better Day

As is usually the case,  my bad day was followed by a better day.   Honestly,  I don’t know if this is the case for most people with bi-polar disorder, though to be perfectly honest I have not all that much interest in categorizing and classifying what is wrong with me.  (I just want to learn to live with it and overcome it.)  My huzband, on the other hand was an ICU and ER nurse for many years and is never comfortable until he can nail down the correct diagnosis.    It frustrates him greatly when I say that I don’t much care if I am bi-polar 1 or bi-polar 2 or cyclothymic.    I’ve had 47 years of living with this disorder,  even though I only recently learned what it is properly called.   Knowing something’s correct name doesn’t always give you more power over it.  And not knowing something’s name hardly makes you powerless to fight it.

I am most pleased that I continue to have a lot of fun with my friends online.   For only a few eaves (Empire Avenue’s virtual currency)  I’ve gotten a whole bunch of folks to participate in the daily #definethis game on Twitter and have also been able to attract readers and comments to my blog.   I am learning to simply let go of anger and frustration– to celebrate the folks who do their best to do what I ask in each mission and simply not worry about those who take the eaves and run.  (Those who have flashing animated avatars and don’t follow instructions,  I quietly block;  but really,  as they say ‘it’s all good’.)  The point is I’m spending my social currency on having more fun with my friends.  It seems to me that is kind of really the whole point of social media.

I am also pleased that my own little household has survived another month without really running out of anything we need and now we are into the shortest month and I encouraged Ron to go ahead and order the Kindle he’s been wanting for some time now.    We got a flat tire coming home from Winco the other day and I’m afraid I’m going to have to buy a new tire with the money that I had been intending to buy a cheap android tablet.   I suppose there is always next month.   I am going to get my spit together and go to the doctor next week.    I’m out of seroquel but have plenty of everything else.   Will have to go to the pharmacy after I take care of the tire.   Busy, busy busy at the beginning of the month.


2 comments on “A Better Day

  1. Good to hear you had a better day Alan, I only have one wish when it comes to my friends, and that is they are able to have the best day possible every day. Korny I know, but eh so be it !

    Funny you bring up “fun” and social networking. I am sure you remember when I was green as green could be on EAv and totally lost. Yet another f’ing SM site to deal with, I was almost close to say forget it, no time, no desire. Well, I stuck it out and just recently I realized that 90% of my FB connections and now Google+ connections are EAv people ! In both of those area, they are the ones that get connected first. Pretty flipping that EAv is that hardcore, that dedicated to itself.

    Having fun, not sure you noticed I have loosened up BIG TIME on FB (I hate FB) recently. Some point I decided if I am working this hard, putting in this much time and not have fun, wtf am I doing there? So I decided FB was going to be more “me” and G+ would be all the photography biz, professional.

    If it’s not fun, then it’s not worth doing, life is too short. As Kenny sings “Trust me friend, 100 years goes faster than you think, don’t blink.”

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