Sticking To My Goal

Lots of my friends in the Social Media Rock Star world talk a lot about setting goals and having numerically quantifiable results.     And with this post I am most pleased to announce that I am fully one twelfth of the way through to my goal of publishing a new blog post every day this year.

This year of blog posts really has been written one at a time.   Mostly not one right after the other.   But most the afternoon or evening about three days before they go live.  (So far I’ve been able to mostly schedule posts to go live at 12:01 am server time,  which is in fact about 7pm the night before in Eastern Time– which Mr. Everything by way always refers to as “Internet time”;  it’s 4pm the previous afternoon for me here in the Puget Sound region of Washington State.)

In addition to insisting that a good social media man really needs to be everywhere and to referring to one particular time zone as “Internet time” (those of us who have been around the interwebz a while know that it really is a 24/7 kind of place where time is largely irrelevant).  Mr. E also has been known to make commitments that he doesn’t quite understand and then to break these commitments more out of ignorance than out of malice.   I want to make clear that Mr. Everything really is my friend and I do appreciate his efforts at promoting me.   And yet I’ve gone to the trouble of making him a fictional character so that I can write about how the relationship makes me feel.   Which brings me to today’s social media lesson.   How people are made to feel is actually a great deal more important than what you say to them.


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