My Inner Lazybones did not defeat me.   Sometimes it seems,  I spend considerably more time and energy dreading a job and procrastinating than it actually takes to do it.     Yesterday,  I took a deep breath and opened the published 1.1 manuscript and started at the very beginning.   I changed everything that needed to be changed to make it the manuscript for version 1.2.    I’ve updated to reflect all of the changes that have taken place on Empire Avenue since I released 1.1  on November 1st,  and wrote a new Advanced section about Empire Avenue missions.    It took a bit less than 2 hours  🙂

I have contacted my friend who did the copy editing/proof reading for the previous versions to ask her is she would be willing to handle that task for me again this time.   I’ve set February 1st as the target publication date for 1.2.   I will almost certainly have it finished and uploaded before then.    I need to think about how I can get more people to actually buy the book.    I’ve gotten almost 500 people to download it since I released the first beta edition on June 30, 2011.  I gave away a lot of free beta copies and very widely distributed a 100% off coupon when I released version 1.0 on September 1st.   Sadly,  since releasing 1.1 and scaling way back on the discount coupons most of the downloads have ceased and I have only sold a handful of copies.   Maybe this time I will use a 50% discount coupon instead of 100%  (and raise the price a bit first)…and see if I can get some friends to promote it to their networks….That might work.

Meanwhile,  here in the Puget Sound area we have survived a major snowpocalypse.   My car was covered in about 5 inches of snow with two inches or so of solid ice on top of it.   It was a bear to get the car cleared off,  though once I did driving to the store and back was fairly easy.   The parking lot here in our apartment complex has not been plowed,  but once I was on the public streets,  all were cleared and driving was no big deal.    We’re hoping that it will not freeze tonight and that some of the huge amount of snow will melt.   Here’s hoping that you are safe, warm and dry this weekend.


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