No Rest For The Wicked

Ever have a day when you wake up tired and while you don’t feel as though you could go back to sleep,  you never quite wake all the way up?  That is kind of where I am today.   And since it is the weekend and I don’t have anything planned,  it seems a good day to just let go and, well,  rest.     It does bother me just a little to ‘take a day off’ and yet I know that is what I need today.

I thought of asking my wicked friends to take the weekend off with me.  But that would hardly be fair.   It really is true what they say that there is ‘no rest for the wicked’,  and I hardly want to be responsible for anyone falling behind.   And so I write this post,  to keep my promise of posting every single day  (I actually go by the published date in WP server time,  which seems to be that each ‘day’ begins at 4:01 pm my time zone,  the Previous day.   Under my own personal rules for this little challenge,  writing a post in advance and scheduling it to go live on a certain day,  meets the posting every day requirement,  writing a post and publishing it immediately so that a post goes live is also fully acceptable.  BUT,  if I miss a day it is not allowable to back date a post to make itappear that I kept the challenge  I set for myself,  even if if back-dating the post made the published date the date on which I actually write the post.   Oh the trials of being an ethical blogger.)

I did read a blog post today that very much impressed me.   My friend Judy has a personal blog that I find well written,  and a life story that is quite fascinating to me,  and to her many other friends as well.   So if these three hundred or so words I have dutifully written for you today have failed to sufficiently entertain you,  do take a look at Phoenix143 by the inestimable  Judith Kavanaugh.      And here’s hoping it’s a happy weekend in your little corner of the world.



16 comments on “No Rest For The Wicked

    • When I first started blogging it was largely due to the inspiration of my friend Bev, who has been publishing a daily online journal for more than 10 years now ( since quite literally before there Were blogging plat forms and she (with the help of some techie friends) coded her daily diary site herself. I started out trying to blog every day. I picked the book review niche and in the process of becoming a pretty good book reviewer I fairly soon came to realize that trying to write a book review every day was a HUGE freaking job. The daily diary format is a bit less challenging, though it is still a lot of writing, and if you hope to have readers you really do have to write about something more interesting than what you had for lunch (unless you have great pics). (See

    • It isn’t and it is. I am officially retired and collecting social security disability. Due to my handicaps I don’t like going out in public very much, so I spend a lot of time sitting and typing at my computer. But forcing myself to find graphics, think of something to say and publish every day is a kind of discipline I am trying to enforce on myself, to see if I can really do it as much as anything.

  1. Alan thank you for mentioning me. Had I known you took the day off I would have joined you as I did the same as well. Love your writing goals you are such an inspiration to me as I learn to do it. Love knowing I have an expert in my corner.

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