Soon To Come In From The Cold

So far,  my trip to the pharmacy is half a success.    I went back this morning and picked up a fresh bottle of Lantus and a new box of syringes.   But no seroquel.   The pharmacy clerk told me that they contacted my doctor to get an approval and are waiting to hear back from him.   (That Ron spent twenty minutes on the phone with the clinic last night,  when they called to schedule me to come in for blood tests next week, foolishly made me think the clinic was so on top of things that all would go smoothly.)     The pharmacy seemed certain that they would get a definite yes or no from the doctor  (who remember works for the same clinic the pharmacy is a part of) and suggested that I check back with her tomorrow.   She asked me if I needed an emergency three day supply,  but I still had and took one this morning so it’s not yet desparate.  But clearly this chore is going to drag into tomorrow and I am going to have to do whatever it takes  (including an emergency three day supply)  to not run out.    I so don’t want to stop and start again with seroquel.

In other news,  I have contacted my absolute favorite designer who has agreed to make a cover for Black And White.     Dawn‘s covers are so much more visually compelling and effective at selling books than anything I  (honestly I just do not have an eye for graphic design) could ever come up with.    I am confident that I will be able to launch Biljana’s book in a thoroughly professional way and am so excited to be (in a sense) building a team which I believe can be quite successful in selling a remarkable writer to a world which I believe with all my heart will want to read this stuff.    I am thinking a lot about “success”  and “branding”.    The more i look at what Biljana has already done online,  the more I realize that I really don’t need to show her anything about how to use social networking.   But maybe,   just maybe by finding a way to be the friend she needs I will be able to help her realize her fullest potential.

Which is certainly a lot more fun to think about than Medicare.    Yesterday’s post brought me my very  own Medicare card which states that it is effective as of May 1, 2012.     So I will soon be coming to the end of my two and a half years of being Really Sick  (enough to qualify for disability income) and having NO health care coverage of any kind.     What a long strange trip it’s been,   including some excellent care by great doctors,  times with no medicines and no way to see a doctor,   a heart attack,  a hospital stay  (the astronomical bills for which I will never actually pay,  even if they send them to a collection agency)  and knock wood,  finally having most of my conditions mostly well managed.     When people speak against health care reform,   it feels just like a slap in the face to me.


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