Hard Lessons

Please note that this post is NOT a review of the eBook Hard Lessons by Sommer Marsden,  although you can purchase the ebook by clicking on the cover.   This non-affiliate link is being provided because the cover image fits today’s post so well.

I’ve heard it said that life’s hardest lessons are the ones which you don’t quite grasp and have to keep learning again and again.    I am learning today.   What is funny is that the lessons I learned today are actually all things I quite thought i had mastered long ago.   I’d like to think I have always kept the really important lessons like  “always keep your word”  and “never talk down about someone behind their back”.     But clearly  I forgot some other lessons like  “always get it in writing”   and  “don’t spend money until you’ve nailed the whole thing down”.

All of my real friends are still my real friends this morning.   People who have come to regard me as honest and honorable over the course of the past 47 years or so I’ve been on this planet  still know me to be an honest and honorable person.   (I guess I also didn’t forget the lesson about who really gets dirty when you start throwing mud.)    Putting on a hat doesn’t make one a cowboy.    And it seems that even writing a brilliant book is far from enough to make one a published author.    In my humble opinion,  what authors should most look for in a publisher is someone whom they trust.    Bringing a book along from a manuscript into actual readers hands is a unique process that takes a great deal of trust between writer and publisher.   And if that trust just is not there,  it is not possible for the relationship to work.

I will  continue to read manuscripts that come my way.    I will  find books to publish and make money from publishing.   I won’t spend any time crying over spilled milk.    I won’t let anyone else’s bad behavior inspire me to behave badly.    I suppose I should most be grateful that this deal fell apart before I spent more money than I did.    If you have no idea what this post is in reference to,   I made a brief statement on Libdrone Books  Facebook page.     That will be my only comment regarding this matter.

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