Editing Black And White

I spent most of the day copy editing Black And White.   While it is in fact a novela,   Biljana brings to the crafting of each line of prose, a poet’s  extreme care and craftsmanship in the choice or each word and the construction of each phrase.

Most of the editing was simply a matter of deleting formatting which does not work for eBooks,  and especially manually removing every  extraneous hard return and page break  (an eBook is one long uninterrupted stream of text).        I plan to completely set the manuscript aside for the next 24–48 hours so as to be able to read it with a somewhat fresher eye.     I am also recruiting a couple of beta readers to give it a final once over.   But the process of turning Black And White from a manuscript into an eBook is well under way.


It appears that Biljana needs to be offline for awhile.     I know that she has been concerned by the amount of time that social networking sometimes takes away from time spent writing, working and living.    I can’t promise you when Biljana will again answer fan mail or pop in to her blog to post a picture or say  hello.    But  the publication of Black And White will definitely continue.   And I will for now hope that the day will come that Biljana  will decide to log in again and say hello.    Or at the very least that she continue to write and allow me to publish such amazing books.     In which case she is more than welcome to skip Facebook and Twitter and let me handle marketing her work.

8 comments on “Editing Black And White

  1. Just saw this amazing post, please keep up doing the great job, I have every faith in you as a publisher, I know my novella is in good hands.
    I had to go offline and keep a low profile from most of my online activities for a while, as real life intervened unexpectedly. But this does not affect the making of the novella into an ebook and its being published by Libdrone Books, I hope, and I am grateful for the understanding.
    I will definitely keep on writing, but I will discuss the future releases at a later point, if possible, and yes, all marketing and technical issues will definitely have to be handled otherwise, as I am trying to create lots more space and time for my writing. I am sure this can be accepted and appreciated by any writer.
    Let’s now wish good luck to “Black and White”.
    Thank you very much!
    All the best,

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