112 OR One Step After Another

Good morning!    Just got back from taking a Netflix DVD we’ve finished with to the outgoing mailbox at the front of the apartment complex.   Okay, I know it’s not a huge big distance but I have been trying hard to keep my new year’s resolutions.   And just today,  I did get out and walk.   Also my blood sugar this morning is 112,  so I seem to be doing pretty good with diet and insulin as well.

I haven’t actually buckled down to work on the advanced guide to Empire Avenue that was my third resolution.   I seem to keep thinking of other books I could write,  but I don’t seem to actually be working on anything.   Ah well,  as Meatloaf observed  “two out of three ‘aint bad”.


5 comments on “112 OR One Step After Another

  1. One step at a time buddy, my three year anniversary is coming up, February 1st.
    Sure changes your perception of things doesn’t it?

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