Scratching My Head

I suppose it’s not the best advertisement for my book to say this,  but Empire Avenue’s new  scoring thingy,  really has me scratching my head.

After some frustration and discussion with a few knowledgeable players,  I understand that now that the scoring functionality has been added,  these blogs no longer count the way they did before.   Empire Avenue does not post the RSS feeds from them to your Empire Avenue timeline,  nor do they get orange colored icon “blog status”.     Scoring for these blogs seems to be something of a mystery.  Both Sharon Hayes and Ryan Zeigler have blogged their observations.  But of course no one from Empire Avenue has replied to the support ticket I submitted and it is not at all clear to me that  (as the EAv blog announcement stated)  I am getting more EAv credit.

I’m sad to say that I have not as yet been able to bring myself to get to work on the advanced volume of the book that I mentioned I’m planning to work on next.   However,  with this post,  I am keeping up with my resolution to blog every day.    Hope it’s a great weekend for you.


2 comments on “Scratching My Head

    • I started out on Blogspot years and years ago, but a friend persuaded me to try WordPress and I’ve found I like it a lot better. It’s so much more flexible and user friendly.

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