My New Domain


So I registered  and mapped it to this blog.   I am now adding this blog back into my Empire Avenue account and look forward to getting blog credit for everything I post here.   I hope that you will bookmark and visit regularly.   I really am going to try very hard to update this blog every single day,  so there should most always be fresh content for you to peruse.

I have been reading my friend Jenn Thorson‘s new novel There Goes The Galaxy.   It’s very reminiscent of the late great Douglas Adams’   Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy books.   An alien abduction and laugh out loud funny adventures with all manner of strange creatures on distant and very different worlds.   I strongly suspect that when I have finished,  I will review and give it a Very Highly Recommended.

I have noticed the one flaw in importing a blog from Blogspot to WordPress– each and every tag has been set up as a category,  so I now have a HUGE category list.   I don’t have the time and energy just now to convert them all back to tags and set up useful categories  (I’ve never quite figured out just what categories are useful and appropriate for a personal free form blog).   I remember having to do this when I moved my Libdrone Books blog several years ago,  and I know it’s going to be a real pita.

Here’s hoping that your new week and new year are off to a great start!


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