Don’t Let The Perfect Become The Enemy

Sometimes, it seems to me, trying too hard can really backfire on you.   My old acquaintance Timethief recently published an article about getting organized.    And of course it is true that organization can be very useful in pursuing one’s goals.   But I think it’s important to remember that a perfectly formatted calendar is not nearly as important as actually doing what you are set out to do.

Sometimes I think I have a tendency to focus too much on the planning and the organizing,  to the detriment of the actual execution.   I know that I have to find a balance between planning and execution that works for me.   I also firmly believe an old saying  “don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the  good“.    Having a typo somewhere in your otherwise excellent blog post is in fact a lot better than never posting it in the first place.

Some of the folks I’ve met online talk a lot about “claiming your name”  and try to sign up on every new site that comes along.   I don’t think that’s very realistic.   New social networks pop up more or less every day, and honestly I don’t believe any one human being could really participate on them all.   I think that one of the most important things one must do is to pick and choose.  Whom we wish to spend our time with,  What tools will keep us best organized, Which web sites we will spend time visiting.

So,  don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good,  and do take care in choosing where, how and with whom to spend your time.    Happy New Year, my friends.   Here’s wishing a safe and prosperous 2012 to you and yours.


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