My Umpteenth Fresh Start

The longer I continue blogging,  the more and more I come to respect my old friend Bev,  who has been publishing a daily online journal for more than ten years now.   Funny The World  is an amazing site, and I can’t even begin to say how impressed I am that Bev has kept it up literally EVERY day for all of these years.

My new years resolutions are 1) to continue working on getting healthier  2) to write my advanced Empire Avenue book and 3) to try to keep up this journal every day.    Honestly,  I know that I am never going to take many photographs and will probably use free images like the one above.   But I really am going to try to post to this personal blog every day,  and share just a bit of my life and thoughts here.     I know I still need to do a bit of tinkering with the theme  (it may be Tumblr’s influence but I find I actually like the sidebarless very spare theme WordPress defaulted to.    And I am thrilled that I can go ahead and post,  before I fix the theme,  upload images or buy a domain.  WordPress rules!

By my count this is the sixth or seventh time I’ve posted a renewed commitment to regularly updating this blog.   I certainly can’t guarantee that I won’t again lose interest and drift away from it for long stretches.   But the new year seems a good time to try to begin a new habit.   And I half suspect if I get into the habit of writing here every day,  sooner or later the habit part will take over,   Or maybe it’s like quitting smoking and you have to try and try and try again before you quite manage it.    Here’s to new year’s resolutions.


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