Still Counting

As we approach the new year,  I am still counting my blessings.      I decided to move my personal blog to WordPress.    Since Google introduced Plus  (the new social network I do Not find compelling and am mostly waiting for it to fail) I have had to log in to separate Google accounts for my g-mail (, YouTube (where I am now WalkingEAv rather than Libdrone) and my old personal blog spot blog,  which I have never in fact  been faithful about keeping up with.

Since Empire Avenue is now tracking activity,  I realized I would be better served ditching a Google product I don’t really like and trying to focus my long form blogging activity here on WordPress.   I plan to buy a domain (possibly   I will also work on installing a better theme and uploading my own graphics.

I have decided that my immediate focus is going to be on writing a section of the advanced guide (haven’t settled on a title yet) that deals with Empire Avenue’s  new Missions feature.   As you may know the advanced guide will be directed  towards social media professionals,  so I am a little bit nervous,  but I think that if I do a really good job on the Missions section,  I will go ahead and release 1.2 adding the Missions section from the upcoming advanced book.   This will allow me to truthfully state that the book is fully updated to reflect all of the changes that have occurred going forward.   If Empire Avenue continues to grow I hope to be able to continue selling both books for years to come.

As I remarked to my friend Jenn last night,  the first advice is always to write about what you are passionate about.   And I continue to very much enjoy Empire Avenue and socializing with all of the great people I have met.  Honestly,  I don’t know if I will ever become a faithful scheduled poster to this personal blog.  But I know in my heart that there will always be long form things I feel like saying to my friends that will never quite fit into any of my specialty blogs.   (I actually have half a dozen sites on blogspot but most of them have not been updated in years.)   I intend to keep my music and words blogs on Tumblr where I feel their abbreviated format is a perfect fit.   I am going to wait until I get the new domain to re-register this blog with Empire Avenue.

I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being a friend and for your help and kindness throughout the year.    Here’s wishing you an yours a safe and prosperous new year.


4 comments on “Still Counting

    • I’ve had my books blog on WP for years and years. For awhile I paid for hosting, but imported it into a while back. (I heart WP. I love being able to import a blog in minutes!)

  1. the whole logging in and out of different gmail, youtube accounts etc is excessive!

    I have several different YouTube accounts, for different projects etc, having to log out and in stops me using it 😦

    So commiserations, and I’m hearing about empire avenue again, and again and again.. so I guess I’d really better get around to checking it out soon..

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