Abandon Drabble

What follows is my very first attempt at a Drabble– an approximately 100 word story on a particular word, in this instance “abandon”.   The inspiration came from my friend Aheila’s blog.  Visit  Drabble Day–Abandon  if you’d like to participate or take a look at the other drabbles.

Heather stood   directly in front of the trash can.   She held her tray with it’s cup, fries box, and BigMac box which held a smear of secret sauce (ok, so we all know it’s really Thousand Island dressing) and a slip of pickle which somehow she had failed to eat.   Heather thought about all the fast food she had eaten in her life;  about all the times she had tried to diet and all the pounds she had lost and gained. Finally she dumped the detrius  into the bin,  just as a uniformed teen ager carrying a  trash bag came up and said, “Excuse me.”


4 comments on “Abandon Drabble

  1. I got the impression that , in some way , this may have been a turning point for the character … feels like the opening scene of a chapter .

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