Tweeting Away To Margaritaville

I’ve been using Twitter for three or  four years now.    I don’t in any way, shape or form claim to be an expert Tweeter.   Though I do well understand that Twitter is all about conversations.   I only have a bit less than 400 followers.   Yet I actually know most of these people.   I’ve visited their blogs and  chatted with them on various websites and forums.   In many cases I know their spouses names and their children’s names.    Some of the publicists, publishers staff and authors in my  TweetStream are a bit more professional contacts than friends,  but again I do really know most of these folks.

As I said, I  know that Twitter is all about conversation,  and I have developed a pretty fair knack for having real back-and-forth conversations in 140 character blips.  (If only there had been a college course in editing down to 140 characters back when I was in college— would have saved me nearly 4 years of experimentation and discovery.)   My activity level on Twitter has certainly had its ups and downs over the years.  There have been days when I tweet and tweet and tweet all day and other days when I just couldn’t be bothered.    But yesterday and today as I  (SHHH!!! don’t tell) prepare to launch a quirky new site in collaboration with a dear new friend,  I found myself reaching out to people I haven’t spoken to much in ages,  calling in favors,  exchanging re-tweets.    I found that Twitter enabled me to put my name and handle in front of a whole bunch of people– in preparation for the big launch which we will be doing in a week or two.

Today,  I find myself falling in love with social media all over again– excited and thrilled by all of the great friends and acquaintances  I interact with online and looking forward to a future in which the sky is the limit.   Thank you so much for being part of my online ‘family’.


3 comments on “Tweeting Away To Margaritaville

  1. Conversation and exchange is what one of the many things Twitter is all about! Good to see you getting into a swing of it and enjoying yourself.Cheers!

  2. Nakeva, that makes me wonder if you have a blog post somewhere about all of the _other_ things Twitter is all about. Thanks so much for stopping by.Hank, a kick in the arse can indeed be a gift. The new web site is coming along but I don't expect we will be ready to make it public for at least two weeks.

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